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DICE MONEY Today, in the conditions of constantly growing competition, overcrowding of the market of the hired workers, increase of requirements of employers to professional skills of applicants, it is very important to recruiting services or sites for the search of work. But there are a number of problems in this industry that hinder the effective hiring process, and complicate it in many details for both the employer and the person looking for work. Therefore, the team of the project Trustlogics decided to create with the help of blockchain technology a platform that could solve a lot of problems in this industry.

About the project
Trustlogics is a platform designed to organize and optimize the hiring process, targeting both employers and recruiters, as well as people, in search of work. Optimal conditions for cooperation will be created for some and for others. The blockchain technology will be used to ensure the transparency and reliability of the platform processes. Today there is already a beta version of the site, which was launched in December 2017, where you can create some idea about the project. Also available for download application for both Android and IOS.

How will trustlogics work?
All employers, recruiters, and people looking for work will be able to register on the platform. Services available to them will be aimed at optimizing their cooperation. For example, the job seeker, to create the necessary portfolio, can create a request for confirmation of any information about his past (education, professional activity, attitude to crime). The appropriate validators receive a notification of this request and collect this information. For the executed work they receive payment by internal tokens of platform TLT which are withdrawn from the job seeker. This is roughly the case if the user makes a request to collect all background information about their professional activities or to generate a reputation. Users who can confirm a particular customer information will receive payment in TLT tokens. In turn, the employer can announce a new work opportunity, with an indication of the payment. The platform selects the professional data of users who are interested in this work and who can execute it and notifies them.

The developers paid great attention to the question of preservation of personal information. All data collected by the user about his professional past by default will be available only for him. But, he will be able to choose what information he should make available and for which employer or recruiter.

In this way, the Trustlogics platform solves a number of problems. The first of which is the loss or theft of personal data that is collected when considering a candidate for employment. The platform will provide users from getting personal data in unnecessary hands, and guarantees their saving. DICE MONEY The second problem-the lack of information about the reputation of the candidate for the vacancy. To date, there is no single platform that could combine all the necessary information about the person seeker the work, formulating on its basic understanding of its reputation. The third problem, somewhere intersected with the previous, is the lack of background information about the candidate for the vacancy (namely his education, the place of past work). The Trustlogics platform offers a solution to this problem by collecting all the necessary information that is immediately available to the employer. This, in turn, will reduce the financial and time costs of background checks, which employers do already hiring the employee.

Selling tokens

Pre-sale – May 30, 2018 – August 14, 2018
Token-Sale-September 1, 2018-September 25, 2018
Token Price-$0.08
The minimum amount of fees is $2 000 000
The maximum amount of fees is $16 500 000
Tokens created — 427 224 610 TLT Token distribution:
24% Team
8%-Early users of the application
3%-Bounty, referral program

The use of tokens token TLT (created on Blokchejne Ethtereum) can be bought during Seila. It will be used as the internal currency on the platform. As mentioned before, some users will be able to pay for different services on the platform, while other users will be able to receive payment by these tokens for the work performed.

Conclusion :
DICE MONEY to accept or not to take part in the token-sale Everyone must make a decision on their own. The idea of the project is interesting and the platform with such functions will be in demand. The market of employees has a number of problems that all its participants face. And if the team can implement the planned, interest in the Trustlogics platform will only increase. Bribes that the team has already been working on the product since 2017, and already has a beta version of the site and applications for portable devices. Investors can already familiarize themselves with the basic functions of the platform before investing in the project. And that’s a big plus.

The advantage of this project for me is the team. The leader of Trustlogics has a great experience in the field of recruiting and recruitment. And the team is more than staffed by specialists. This means that we have all the prerequisites to expect a quality product.

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