DESICO – Welcome to the world of Security Tokens

Desico is the world’s first platform based on blockchain technology to release and trade secure tokens in full compliance with current legislation. The Desico team is preparing to launch a platform that allows users to run the ICO with the release of security tokens.

Thus, the benefit will be given to both ICO organizers-(simplicity, convenience, security) and investors, who will be provided with a guarantee of legal compliance with the law, full legal support and built-in exchange for trading Tokens. Desico will build a modern infrastructure to run Security ICO, an important factor is the release of Desico own cryptocurrency. The owners of the Desico official token will have privileges, for example, the preferential right to participate in the initial launch of Security Tokens. Tokens will also be fueled by the platform, all services provided under the Desico platform will be paid in DESI tokens.

Currently, the legal framework for issuing security tokens is complex and requires legal elaboration. This problem will be fully solved by the Desico platform, which would work according to the law Crowdfunding

Of the Republic of Lithuania, which in turn will allow the ICO to attract capital by issuing tokens without breaking the law. Lithuania, as you know, is a Member State of the EU. Thus, the Desico will be under the supervision of the Bank of Lithuania, which is under the control of the European Central Bank.

Features Desico
Blockchain will allow Desico to implement Tokenization. This will bring a number of benefits to global financial markets, in particular, the removal of intermediaries who need to pay for their services.

The use of intellectual contracts will allow to fully decentralize the Desico platform and its services. This will facilitate direct interaction between the various service providers and members of the Desico community who will be able to offer their services in the Desico ecosystem directly.

Advantages of Desico
The Kraundfandinga platform is the ideal solution for both investors and ICO project organizers: an easy and reliable way to create an ICO and invest in security tokens. These tokens, as you know, provide ownership of a part of the business, therefore their legal regulation must be strictly observed. On the Desico platform, you will find 100% legal support, and worries and doubts about the compliance of ICO and tokens to the rules of law will remain in the past. Desico is the only platform providing such legal guarantees, competitors at the moment do not. As a user of the platform, as an investor or as an ICO organizer, you gain confidence that all ICO that have passed the listing on the platform, and then their issued security tokens will have no problems with the law.

Another important advantage is the guarantee that after completion of the ICO project tokens will be listed on the built-in exchanger. Now there are hundreds of ICO, among which a lot of scams. Often after raising funds for the development of the project, in the future, the team does not plan to list on the stock exchanges, and the investors-the lucky ones lose absolutely all their investments. The Desico platform completely solves this problem. The guarantee that the tokens will be traded immediately after the end of the ICO would attract both small and large investors to the platform. And of course, with this approach, tokens will not lose their value and attractiveness.

ICO Details
Before the public sale is not enough time, it will start at the end of August and last 2 months.
The official token of the project is recognized DESI token, all functionality of the Desico ecosystem will be based on DESI tokens.
The official DESI tokens will have 2 main goals:
1. Payment of services within the Desico ICO ecosystem, wishing to issue security tokens through the Desico platform, will have to make a certain number of DESI tokens on the platform as payment. Investors will be able to purchase these newly issued security tokens by paying in DESI tokens. Also, the work of experts and members of a community will be paid in tokens DESI.
2. Privileges when acquiring security tokens. The owners of DESI tokens will be granted exclusive rights on the Desico platform. They will include early access to security tokens and will also be exempt from trading fees on the Desico exchange.
Brief information:
 Token name: DESI
 Platform: ethereum
 Token standard: ERC20
 Total number of tokens: 804 million
 Available for public sale: 410 million
 Currencies accepted: ETH
 Softkap of the project 3500 000
 Hardkap 32 000 000

In total there is a release of 804 million tokens, from the total amount of 410 million will be available for purchase by investors. The remaining part (49%) will be distributed to the project team, advisers, reserve fund, Bounty, financial advisors. As for token distribution, 18% business development, 20% marketing, 9% legal regulation, 11% operating expenses, 10% reserve.

A public sale will start 08/20/2018 and end 11/01/2018 at midnight. The approximate value of the token will be $0.09.

Project Team
In the management of this organization there are specialists in the field of the blockchain, it, business strategy, Team big, it has both lawyers, and specialists in public relations, marketing, and development. All members of the team, their detailed experience, you can find on the official website of the company.

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