DESCROW ICO as a way to finance a new business ideas and projects that are running more and more popular. The volume of funds flowing to the economic blockchain has increased steadily during the last years: ICO Investment is already estimated at billions of u.s. dollars.
ICO market developments so quickly that it is almost impossible to follow the more ICO campaign: there is no opportunity to clarify their purpose and efficiency of each team operating in the market.
Blockchain is a unique technology that could give birth to many a multi-billion dollar company. But can not guarantee investors against fraud and scams. Some of the projects planned escape with funds directly after ICO. Others are aware of the failure to meet the challenge of scale or uncontrolled work after they raise funds. In both cases, all funds collected in dumpsites company and further use of investment money are out of control.

Unfortunately, innovative approach to fundraising — ICO, has some substantial disadvantages. In this document we describe the solution blockchain which is able to solve the problem mentioned above:
DES — Decentralized Escrow Service — leading to decentralized escrow platform implementation of ICO.

Description Of The Descrow Platform.
Descrow allows to check the actual intent of the makers of the project and to protect investors from loss of income in the event of force majeure. Investors will benefit from Descrow because it allows to verify the purpose and the startup team readiness to follow the roadmap. If the team fails to meet its obligations, investors may stop financing through voting. In most cases, it became clear in the first stage, whether competent team, how professional to develop the project and how the motivation to finish the project.

Descrow ensure maximum safety and the proper distribution of the funds invested. If it does not comply with the obligations that have been assigned or failure of execution that makes no sense, full repayment of the investment booked will be conducted within the framework of Descrow. With the help of funds collected for fees and commissions, ICO DES will form insurance to fund assets invested in the first stage. The first stage more than others exposed to the risk of theft from the side of the team that is not moral. After the occurrence of the insured’s case, the affected Party will receive compensation payments. from this amount of funding will be proportional to the estimated eimbursement token scam project but will not exceed 70% of the funds lost by investors.
The process of fundraising and booking procedure token.

Problems solved DES:
Save the funds insecurities;
lost profits;
the risk of loss of the nominal value of the investment.
Let’s consider the functional capabilities of smart contracts DES (based on data of campaigns ICO projects DES):

Startup issued 1000 tokens for 1 ETH;
Financing is divided into 4 tranche (25%, 25%, 25%, 25%), with the first to be transferred immediately after the closure of the ICO campaign;
Investors exchanged 100 ETH to 100,000 tokens DES.

Des and its role in the economy.
During the last few years we witness some growth investments, flow into the field of kriptoekonomi. The volume of funds currently invested in this field this year is estimated at billions of dollars.

The demand for a reliable investment tools and will obviously grow along the development of the economy and the market is getting mature crypto. In the short term, large institutional investors will enter this market, and the issue of trust and trust is very important to them.

The platform contains the qualitative criteria for DES in management and risk assessment, which allows startups to companies raise funds. Escrow terdegosiasi that, as a tool, integrated directly with the Fund raising process, storage and distribution of funds. Commission for using DES-platform is charged only if the next stage was initiated by the majority of investors through voting. Transaction costs will go down in a progressive fashion — actual amounts will depend on the size of the transaction and the model of the ICO. This scheme is not
involve additional costs for beginners and doesn’t cost to investors.

DES aims to improve the transparency of the market ICO, to introduce its services to other platforms, to expand ICO its presence in crowdsale industry and to ensure the growth of a stable level of token DES.
Commission fees.
The Commission imposed on startup (this condition can be changed,
Depending on the terms of the agreement) and distributed as follows:

30% — operating activities,
30% — a lottery win-win quarterly for owners of token DES,
30% — tokens from stock purchases by “burning”, that will increase the value of the rest of the coin DES.
10% — the addition of insurance funds.

What is token DES it?
Token DES is not a stock item and does not guarantee any profits. However, token DES entitles holder to get a discount of 30%, while you pay the service platform and the Commission. Along with that, DES guarantee token right to participate in quarterly sweepstakes win-win.

pre-ICO panye was launched on 27 August and will last until October 1, 2017.
In the framework of the campaign ICO, we are planning to sell a total of 37 500000 token DES to 0.001 ETH per coin.
In the framework of the pre-ICO, about 1 500 000 DEST tokens will be available for sale for the ETH 0.001 per unit with a maximum of 1 500 per ETH
3.1. Participants of the pre-ICO will get a bonus of: — 50% fixed Bonus campaigns following the launch of ICO, holder of DEST, after transfer to smart contracts, will receive in return an amount equal to the token DES, + bonus 50%. For example, the owner of 1000 DEST will receive 1000 and 500 DES DES, for free.


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