DENARO An estimated two billion people remain unbanked global without access to basic financial services. Providing financial services to people has been identified as a key component in the movement needed to advance the Elimination of world poverty. Using blockchain technology, the company has been conducting FinTech milling (varying levels of success) to re-invent the banking service and eliminate the barriers to entry. One problem, however, continues to hold them; This problem is liquidity.

Kriptocurrency has exploded into the mainstream. Spearheaded by the Bitcoin, criptocurrency change the financial landscape and the concept of money. However, the use of digital assets in real-world is still limited, especially when it has to pay for the services. Most traders remain aware of criptocurrency, and those who actually dare to accept it has to cope with the process of determining the crypto can be integrated-alienating other crypto users and limit their market potential.

Currently, only kriptocurrency is seen as a vehicle for speculation, while cash cards and credit cards remain the King in terms of functionality and use of physical. Denaro is a solution that handles this problem.

Denaro is debit card platform multi-currency that allows the user to access, store, and spend their criptocurrency like any other debit card. We have designed and developed the blockchain-based platform where users can take advantage of their crypto seamlessly to their daily activities. Through payment terminals to merchants, the IBAN number, and function of the API/SCI, Denaro will seamlessly bridge the gap between community structures and traditional financial crypto (and users) in the future monetary payment.

Denaro is a versatile payment solution that allows users to save, spend, and transfer them into crypto interface is intuitive.
Through the SCI/API which was developed in a safe and can be customized for merchant service, Denaro facilitate payment of goods and services (online or offline) via a web wallet and debit cards physically.

The Advantage Of Using Denaro Include:
For Merchants
Securely accept payments at the BTC, ETH, or DNO through SCI/API which can be adjusted without worrying about handling multiple address wallet.
Soon crypto conversion to BTC, ETH, or DNO and vice versa.
Accept payments in fiat and immediately convert kriptocurrency to fiat to hedge against volatility.
Discounts and bonuses for traders with higher volumes of $500,000, including; 1 payment terminals free and 50% of the cost of debit card.
International Bank account number (IBAN) to accept international transactions in fiat
Design a personalized debit card for merchants with high volume.

For The User
Save, spend and send the Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Denaro from one user interface.
Shopping online and offline debit card uses multi-Cryptography.
There is no additional charge for sending outside crypto wallet Denaro; only applicable network charges
International Bank account number (IBAN) to accept international transactions in fiat.
Personal debit card design for users with high volume.

Ecosystem Denaro
Denaro is unlimited payments ecosystem that aims to bridge the gap between crypto and the market mainstream. This platform enables companies and individuals to send, spending, saving, and exchanging kriptocurrency and fiat currencies through secure web wallet, debit cards, payment terminals, merchant and IBAN.
IBAN (International Bank Account Number) is the identification code that applies internationally for transactions between banks in different countries. This number helps foreign bank checks the validity of the account they are facing, as well as to help them identify the financial institution and the country in which they are dealing. IBAN make cross-border payments easier and faster to process.
Wallet Denaro
Wallet Denaro is very important for every interaction in the ecosystem of Denaro. This is a platform of Exchange and storage that is safe for both the kriptocurrency and the fiat currency, allowing the user to store, save, send, and exchanging kriptocurrency and fiat are supported.

Debit Card Denaro
All users kriptocurrency faced the same challenges when dealing with expenses of their digital assets physically-opportunities and limited opportunities. The user has not been given the luxury of Crypto to pay for goods and services in the crypto flood due to the fact that most merchant services still select the fiat and credit top crypto. Some merchant service who are willing to support a new currency tend to support one single crypto. However, “given the luxury” is currently being undermined by the volatility of the market, forcing it to suspend services support.

Denaro, Debit card users will be able to load kriptcurrency as BTC, ETH, and DNO to debit cards physically and spend it on millions of online and offline stores around the world.
Token Denaro (DNO)
Denaro aims to offer a token that will always meet the demand of users and accommodate the best features of blockchain. This token will be known as DNO. DNO is token utilities and will encourage all settlement in the network, as well as giving the right to a wide range of exclusive benefits, including bonuses, discounts, merchants and services on the network.

Details Of The Sale Of Tokens
Schedule Token Sales February 9-March 15, 2018
The Purchase Token Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin
The price of DNO 3000 Tokens/1 ETH
Bonus 5%-25%
A total of 100 million Token Supplies DNO

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