DECOIN :1st Blockchain Profit Sharing Exchange Platform

DECOIN While some people are only interested and study the question of cryptocurrency, other people actively use them and even profitably trade them. Cryptocurrencies trade takes place on cryptocurrency exchanges. Who is “in the subject”, he will be able to name more than a dozen such exchanges. Crypto Exchange is a specialized place for trade or exchange of digital money, coins for other digital coins or for different traditional currencies. Earnings of the crypto exchange, as well as the exchanges trading traditional currencies, is formed by various fees and commissions on the operations. And considering that the interest in such exchanges grows, as well as the number of bidders, owners of such platforms will prosper, and their income increases every year. Imagine a situation when the exchange participants will be able to get their money back previously paid for the performed operations. Not really, you say? And I’ll tell you that very real, thanks to the project Decoin!

Decoin is a platform for the exchange Operation Cryptocurrencies developed on the basis of blockchain technology, which indicates its decentralization and complete safety. And these indicators make it possible to allocate the Decoin platform out of the total number of existing platforms. The developers of the Decoin platform strive to create a world-famous, fast, yet very easy-to-use multicurrency Exchange and trading platform, which will redistribute its profits on the platform’s coin holders.

I want to say that one of the most famous exchanges for today is the Exchange, which is already trading more than two hundred cryptocurrencies. Income from Exchange operations is calculated in millions of US dollars. Well, the owners of the platform do not even think to share at least a part of the received profit with their users. Not to mention the complete redistribution.

The Decoin platform in addition to the redistribution of profits will also provide a high level of security of transactions, and transparency of actions give users of the platform peace and confidence for the safety of their funds. In this regard, there is no doubt that the exchange, which shares its own income with its investors is a breakthrough and New Horizons in the world of cryptocurrency. The main feature and the big advantage of the project is the platform token, which is called dtep, or rather its storage in on-line purses of platform users. By saving the Dtep token in your wallet, the user will receive 6.2% p.a. on the remaining coins. In addition, the developers of the platform are working on the development of complex purses, which in the future will be tied to plastic cards. Thus, owners of such cards will be daily expenses to pay at once electronic money. It is planned to issue 5 types of credit cards with different terms of use, which in turn will depend on the investment in the project by the owner of such card.

ICO terms.
Platform token: Dtep price price: 1 dtep = $0.9
For sale allocated 42,000,000 dtep
The maximum fee is set at the rate of $30,000,000
The minimum amount of fees is set at the rate of $4,000,000

The tokens will be distributed as follows:
60%-are directed for sale
18%-are intended for the founders of the project
16%-will be left in reserve
2%-allocated for the project team
2%-Allocated for project advisors
2%-allocated for the Bounty campaign

The allocation of funds will be as follows:
23%-will be used to obtain the license and official. Registration of the Decoin platform
20%-intended for advertising companies and marketing research.
20%-allocated for selection and training of qualified employees
17%-will go to the fund to maintain liquidity in case of force majeure events
15%-allocated for further research and study of new technologies
5%-Make up operating expenses


Conclusion :
The Decoin platform is a multi-currency platform aimed at exchanging and trading currencies. And the increase in demand in the field of cryptocurrency gives us an opportunity to assume that over time the Decoin platform will become very popular. And the fact that the platform token holders will receive a percentage of profit on their deposit, I think speed up the process of popularizing the exchange.

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