DEBITUM Global Small Business Financing Leveraging Blockchain Technology

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DEBITUM The network is a distributed ecosystem Debitum consisting of the various partners involved in the process of business financing for small and medium businesses (SMEs) — borrowers, risk assessors, insurance companies, investor, creditor and other counterparties — all of which use the token Debitum as the only possible way for payments among themselves when transacting in Networks Debitum.
Challenges and market opportunities
Global credit gaps
In accordance with the reviews of the World Bank, about 70% of all micro, small and medium enterprises in emerging markets do not have access to credit. At the same time, small and medium business stratum is the most promising target audience forfinanciers.
Smash a globally growth is capped by inflexible local financing, creating $2 trillion credit gap worldwide u.s. be accounted by the IFC, the World Bank’s organization:
Account data only for formal SMES; However, the World Bank estimated that informal companies around the world have an additional credit of about $1 trillion gap. In addition, we must understand that the potential offer new financial instruments also exist in developed countries that do not officially get the credit gap.
Solution — Network Debitum
Lending money is all about trust and lift gear such as collateral, the reputation of measurable, and fear of punishment. However, to cope with the global credit most of the gaps we have to operate in countries where young business trust not granted. Using solution blockchain based belief Network Debitum ensure the trust needed for all partners, particularly investors, to operate within the ecosystem.
Making a market in Hybrid platform
Like Network Debitum operating in the market of three sides. The problem critical reach users on all sides (borrowers, investors and service providers) is very important.
The TRUST-Based
Such an approach is what measures the level of trust of each party will enable decision-making based on information:
Investors will clearly see the level of confidence of potential borrowers and will be able to make an informed belief vs. interest rate.
Anyone will clearly see the level of confidence of the other counterparty offers the service and will be able to make a trust decision price vs. service.
Community to see how its members behave each individually, based on the Organization’s decision to let the trust gained or lost the ability to have a purpose and trust-based information to decide on the distribution of the available capital to finance SMES and lending is the opportunities that currently do not exist for global investors,therefore, creating a new market Debitum Network, a new asset classes that will meet the demand of investors globally, pulling their capital available and solve the challenges of worldwide credit gap for SMEs.
Debitum Network is a comprehensive middleware with its core running in Ethereal blockchain and a number of gateway is ready to merge the counterparty that is running distributed applications other standard.
For security purposes, system infrastructure will be public, easily available to everyone, and a private, controlled by the system administrator, the subnet. The adapter will communicate with the ecosystem through load balancers in the public subnet
Its primary purpose is to transmit data to a part of the ecosystem in the private subnet. In the private subnet, EVM for communication with blockchains, will be used. Also, kubernetes clusters where app, which will communicate with the blockchain, and provide the data changes the status of the contract. All the infrastructure that is not supported by Ethereal) will be running on Amazon Web services infrastructure.
Blockchain proves the existence of content, both related to the borrower or related to the transaction. Hashed record used for timestamps and the status of the current transaction. The main textile systems keep metadata for complete versions of documents stored in other places, in other special blockchain-based system. Some Automation Fair will be applied, as long as it does not force the contributor changed the way law is normally. If the ecosystem etereum get a valid receipt, we will insert the appropriate updates. Maximum indexing and labeling data for the use of machine learning data and the future will be applied.
Token Debitum (DEB)
Under a more detailed flow of token Debitum depicted among the various members of Debitum Network. However, the time between incoming and outgoing flow flow is an important factor that directly affects the rarity and value of the token his risebecause demand is shifted to the top.
Based on the experiences of most investors, especially the largest investor or institution, are eager to survive in the ecosystem in the long term. Service providers see a lucrative business opportunities will also live in the ecosystem for the long term. The borrower is two-fold: SMES will survive in the short and medium term because it is expected to grow stronger and become a ‘ bankable ‘ and switch to cheaper financing options; While borrowers organizational (operator) must remain in the long term. Thus, we believe that along with the development of a network of Debitum, more and more members will join the need to use the token Debitum simultaneously, then we should see increased demand at some point — increasing the value the token.
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