DEALJOY – Motivation is a necessary tool in any business. We understand that very well. Companies are always looking for it when launching any new product. In the era of online shopping, retailers and brands have several ways to attract customers. Offering them a wide range of options for buying their favorite products on various e-commerce platforms, brands have captured the imagination of consumers. Cashback is one of the most popular tools used by brands to save consumers. This is one of the growing marketing tricks on the e-commerce platform and it has found a great market base for prosperity.

But as the market grows, people using different options of cashback services face a lot of problems. Third parties use the user’s personal information to earn income by selling information. The privacy of users is absent in today’s reality, it is neglected by all who can. Another major problem in the industry is the great processing time of the transaction. Consumers need a new model of cashback service with a transparent, safe and fast payment system.
Proposed solution

Dealjoy is here with a single solution for the challenges of the cashback industry. The application offered by the team is available on the Android and IOS platform. Attracting hundreds of sellers to the platform and providing them with a powerful technology blockchain revolutionize industry cashback. Consumers can choose from a long list of sellers and find the best deals. Shopping on the platform will be simple, and earnings will be much easier. The digital wallet on the platform can be used to obtain tokens received while making purchases.

The platform mapping algorithm helps the consumer find the best deals that match their preferences and behaviors. The platform offers a variety of special services, such as instant cash transactions and special deals. Combining blockchain technology and artificial intelligence on a single platform, they managed to create a platform for the future cashback industry. The platform earns through a commission from affiliate programs.

Dealjoy Plus
Dealjoy Plus is an exciting area for attracting users and providing them with significant benefits. Premium participation has three main advantages:
 Instant refunds;
 Maximally quick calculations on all orders;
 Access to premium deals dealfeed.
Dealjoy Plus participants are given the highest cash return rates for all purchases, resulting in increased savings and higher payouts than ordinary members. Since Dealjoy Plus membership requires only tokens and, as such, are essentially free, it is an exciting opportunity for high-ranking internet shoppers or just for those who want to get the most The impact of the platform. Instant money for Dealjoy Plus members is possible due to the rate is given to the user with the inscription DEAL.

Additional Information
A 1.4 billion token DEAL is created for the project. 70% of all tokens are available for public sale, 40% of the funds will be used for platform development, and 30% of the funds will be used for marketing. The team working on the platform has many years of experience in the field of product management and blockchain technology.

Conclusion :
Dealjoy Why does the user buy the product? This is the most important and main question that the company should answer. After this fundamental question, they try to convey the value of the product to customers. Retail e-commerce is growing at a phenomenal rate, given the penetration of mobile devices in developing countries. The cash-back industry is expected to be 84 billion dollars, and a number of retailers will join it in the coming years.

Many loopholes of the industry need to be connected to the successful growth of the cashback industry. Blockchain technology has demonstrated great promise in a different business niche and its time to bring it to the e-commerce sector. What do you think about the services offered by the platform? Are you ready to shop?

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