dClinic Blockchain Encourages Healtcare Outcomes

dClinic – The Dclinic project and its team rightly consider the modern health system obsolete. Based on their years of experience in this field, they believe that radical changes are needed here. And the Dclinic platform offers a worthy solution. It assumes that the patient is not bound exclusively to one clinic or doctor, including the territorial binding. Your medical data will be available anywhere in the world for the clinic and doctor you trust.

The project puts the patient in the center of the medical system, and around him-a care team. The team can include doctors, health care providers, all sorts of professionals and, imagine, even members of your family. No one can limit you to the choice of individuals or organizations that will provide you with medical care.

The platform enjoys all the benefits of Clinicblockchain, which rewards users, for example, in the implementation of their care plans. The blockchain will also help create a safe, complete history of patient Electronic Clinic Records (EHR), accessible from anywhere, wherever the patient is found.

Platform Essence
Thanks to the blockchain the patient and all who can provide him with medical services can be connected easily and one on one, directly. KYC and Secure Messaging will be involved in the security and transparency of such links. All information will be stored as protected data points on the blockchain. Their forgery will be ruled out. The project is starting to go to emerging markets, involving local providers of health services and government agencies. Each patient will have his own care plan in which he will be free to navigate. This plan will not be described in clinical language.

The plan for treatment is planned to be made universal, not township. It is planned to integrate into the system of third parties that work with other clinical systems. The system of the platform will include clinics and hospitals that fully implement the project in their activities.

Platform capabilities provide interaction with the maximum number of devices. dClinic  This way both the doctor and the patient will also be able to borrow from the patient’s care plan. Everyone who has the project tokens will be automatically registered in the loyalty and bonuses program.

How the Platform Works
The platform smart contracts are characterized by support for the Dclinic data exchange protocol. As a result, there is a process of safe handling of Healthcare data about its blockchain. This in turn safely launches custom code on the network.

The confidentiality of the patient’s data will be ensured as follows. All accesses to the patient’s data will be checked, transparent and safe. Each such case will be recorded as a transaction on the platform blockchain. This will also give the confidentiality of the data.

All transactions in blocks will be characterized by the contents of the EHR index, the encrypted reference to the work record that will be stored by the Dehr platform, and the timestamp of the operation start. In this way, patients will have the opportunity to get the most voluminous information about their medical data and give access to third parties, for example, doctors to this data.

ICO Information
Token: DHC
Start of ICO: August 31, 2018
End of ICO: Hardcore achievement or October 15, 2018
Hardcap: $50 000 000
Softcap: $20 000 000

Token distribution:
So, it’s no secret that the health care system in different countries around the world is ineffective and is undergoing a crisis. From this point of view, the Dclinic platform is extremely relevant and promising. This is confirmed by a highly professional team with vast experience in the health care system, blockchain, management, IT and finance. Yes, and the portal Icobench gives the project an estimate of 4.3.

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