DATP – A Decentralized Market with P2P Ethereum Network

DATP – As a software developer, I’m very excited as a kid on Christmas Eve when there is new technology to be played and often if I really like it, I’ll use it only for use. Its Blockchain is one of the technologies that are very alluring to me, from a technical point of view and sociological. I believe our community will continue towards a solution that is more decentralized and distributed applications (in short the dApps) which will be the main types of applications which we will use to service commodity. today

More than half of the respondents responded positively with some level of interest. The most popular feature is the impersonation because many applications require little or no information about the user. Another aspect that laudable transparency is accompanied by a chain of smart contracts and who are intelligent and can be audited. Finally, the evaluation is less convincing than with direct control over the coin and token person. Currently, it houses more than 90% of the DApps and smart contracts worldwide, an amount expected to rise.
For people who are not well known, DApps is a decentralized application where there is no entity that has control over the application because the distributed partition is placed on the Ethereum or blockchain.

Decentralized asset trading platforms (DATP) is a new public blockchain protocol that is designed and optimized for e-commerce applications,DATP  announced the release of RopstenTestNet. DATP, with the goal of empowering decentralized online marketplace and in turn, the democratization of e-commerce. The main technology advantages
This platform is the cross-chain Protocol and the Ethereum. A cross
sort protocol using smart contracts were deployed on both the Ethereum
and dATP sign.

With the release of RopstenTestNet, DATP is on the right track to provide a powerful alternative for application developers Ethereum, especially for e-commerce applications are decentralized,
full compatibility with the Ethereum, including the ability to run all smart contracts and application of decentralized Ethereum (DApps), and operates 100 times faster than the Ethereum.

Additional security-safer than Ethereum, with the termination of the contract for proactive fault management process public and smart chain to transparently restore lose funds through community consensus.

A better user Experience-the use of the Ethereum more friendly-user and cheaper, a transaction is free to most of the popular activities without loss of network security. Wake up to a Mainframe operating system so that users can download the dApps dApp verified, sign and execute. They can navigate between dApps, while having a seamless user experience by integrating e-wallet, identity, their contacts, and more.

DApp, or decentralized applications, back-end code is an application that runs on a network of peer-to-peer decentralized. DATP has prepared a way to reduce the impact on the function of third-party applications, this Platform connects suppliers and users. Buying and selling the token in a secure, simple and DATP using token DATP as costs.

DATP witnessed an unprecedented increase in growth, jobs, and growth DApps. And with the expansion of the Ethereum solutions like Shending, Ethereum expected to lead this revolution.
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