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Datareum I welcome you, dear subscribers and guests of my blog, today I have prepared for you an interesting project that calls itself Datareum. The Datareum platform will give you the opportunity to manage your data in the protected area by using space technology built on the basis of Ethereum.
By taking online research as a basis for the creation of the platform, Datareum plans to use stimulating techniques to ensure in the long term the necessary set of quality user data, the market of many Research institutes and companies.

Collecting, storing and providing a database of consumer data for a fee has recently become a very lucrative business. Brokers receive information about consumers from different sources-government lists, real estate registers, bank card transactions and browser histories.
The initial information relates to scientific, commercial, consumer and geolocation data.
Today companies need information for further development and they are ready to invest huge sums in market research. In general, the market for the provision of information services is currently estimated at 200 billion dollars.

Information becomes one of the most popular resources in the modern world, and in the future, its value will only increase. It is expected that the annual growth of the information market will be 27%, as new sources of data that are flowing into this ecosystem are constantly appearing.
The rapidly evolving market for electronic mobile devices, various systems for vehicle and equipment monitoring, suitability sensors, etc., will become a gigantic source of information. In 2016, about 9 billion devices supporting IoT were created worldwide. In the following forecasts, 33 billion devices will be released in 2019 and the market will be estimated at 1.2 trillion. Dollars.

The vast majority of people agree that their data is used by third-party agents, but they are concerned about security because their data can be used for illegal purposes. Collected databases are generally not available to researchers or individuals. And the funds from advertisers, received for the use of this data, go to support the platform itself and do not interact with consumers. The best way is to get rid of your personal data.

Now, using the technology Blockchain, we will get new features-high transaction security, an unlimited number of transactions with a small commission, the ability to control their transactions.
Datareum creates a new ecosystem that spans data from social networks, Internet browsers, and IoT devices. In the near future-creating a convenient and simple platform for online surveys.

For transactions on the Datareum platform, a DTN token will be used. Thanks to the Datareum development program, 15% of tokens are allocated to attract the first partners and expand the community. Smart contracts will define a small transaction fee that is paid after each transaction.

Participants of the project are Smart Contract, lead Blockchain, chief operating officer, General Director, engineer, community manager, developer, marketing manager, Legal adviser, leading designer, advisors.

The total volume of issued tokens DTN will make 1 billion.
The minimum volume to launch the platform is 500 thousand US dollars
. The principal amount is 2 million US dollars
. The total amount will be US $18 million.
600 million tokens will be available for sale.
The price of the marker is 0.03 USD
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