DataBroker DAO is The First Marketplace to Sell & Buy Sensor Data

DataBroker DAO The global market for sensors IoT has exceeded 600 billion USD per year including purchase, installation and maintenance of sensors and acquisition of software packages for interpreting and enriching data. The data generated from this investment is for the use of the sensor by the landlord or Prime enhanced by insights added value and resale. DataBroker DAO is the first to market the Sensor data the IoT will connect owners with buyers sensor data directly, utilizing existing infrastructure of connectivity service provider connectivity GSM-based telecommunications, sensor Lora, SigFox or through the gate of the ownership of the owner of the sensor. In a sense, DataBroker DAO can be likened to the “secondary market” sensor data for IoT and it has been referred to as “eBay” or “Amazon” sensor data for IoT.

The only reason the existence of DataBroker DAO is linking the IoT sensor owners generate data with buyer data you want to access the data is hard to come by and not previously available.
DataBroker DAO provides owners and manufacturers of current sensor with direct access to their data memonetisasi sensor on one side and on the other hand gives the self-employed a smart city, researchers, consumers and others who have access to the data is fixed locked in a silo of the Organization at this time. To open the silo, DataBroker DAO integrated with current network which acts as a transmission line information to market existing IoT sensors and massive.
So my friends, this is a great opportunity to approach the future. Because blockchain is the future and one day the dream will be realized. Then why don’t You be the first?

Many parties will benefit greatly
Sensor owner
Able to memonetisasi their data and change costs sunk into a potential money maker and at least a chance to recoup some of their investment in IoT sensor.
Network operators
Gaining scale and speed in the implementation of their networks as a connected telkom could bring win-back to their company’s account, a clear USP.
Sensor manufacturers
Can stop the “race to the bottom” for production and interesting resources and capital out of manufacturing and mengalokasikannya for a profitable SaaS offerings.
Smart cities initiative
Can limit the initial cost to fill the city with enough sensors and changed the cost into an investment with a payback period of 2-3 years and revenue streams continue after that.

Agricultural sector
In the agricultural sector in Belgium today, 10% of farmers are the “technicians”. They deploy the sensor including wind, temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, PH levels in the soil. This platform will provide the possibility to cover some of these costs.

Can get access to thousands of sensors and could purchase data directly and more cheaply on the market, cutting out the established data providers. DAO DataBroker platform, based on one of the most reliable technology and sophisticated blocking system, work as efficiently as possible, but simple, and the process is transparent to users and as transparent as possible. Anyone can quickly join the system DAO DataBroker and purchase data and selling their sensors IoT them while not only making a profit, but also developing urban infrastructure, science, technology and other fields.

The platform implements a process within the framework of its own because of its own in token , which ensures the stability and reliability of each operation.It can be said that the idea and project of DAO DataBroker rather far from time to time and may seem to lack much sought after among other projects in this market are more associated with modern conditions. However, the developers of DataBroker DAO definitely got those ideas, which bring the community into the future are global and growing.

Token info
Token: DTX
Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20
PreICO price: 6000 DTX = 1 ETH
Price in ICO: 0.28 USD
Accepting: ETH
Distributed in ICO: 48%
Hard cap: 108 million DTX

Early discount 50%
Referral Bonus 5% of sold tokens

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