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DAOstack Since it first appeared, in the constant human planet, became part of the new organization and increase the scale of cooperation with a structure that is more effective, than the nuclear family and tribe to countries, companies, and the global economy. The most advanced Organization, Internet, opening warehousing to information exchange in real-time in a worldwide scale, but does not have the economic means for coordinating the general objective and global production. Blockchain enables this by providing a reliable accounting system and can be programmed, so that leads to the discovery of Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

DAO is an open network and organized its own coordinated by crypto-economic incentives and self-executing code, work together around common goals. Powered by DAOsprovidearevenuemodelandmemberi network functions, incentives for the production of open, shared resources (such as open source code and a music file). With process resources event more, the DAO will be achieved enough time ensuring and strength, and in many cases exceed the existing company structure. DAO interesting failed behind chains, holds promise for a more efficient organization and friendly. In addition, they have become important disseminated units so far, and in particular a system of decentralized governance.

What Is A DAOstack?
DAOstack is an operating system for DAO. With the DAOstack, thousands of open-source creator can together yield a decentralized application (DApps), while individual ownership in distributing products to the value of contributors. Curator Crowd can work together has a rating system and manage multi-value to compete with Yelp, TripAdvisor, or YouTube. And autonomous network can be the collapse of investment funds or insurance funds. We believe the DAO will radically change the way people organize, the start of the company articles up to the company, the Institute for nonprofit, and even the nation-State. DAOstack developed the basic elements necessary to allow this transition to the future work.

DAOstack provides the basic tools for the creation, operation, and management of the Agency for the environment, internally and externally in the wider ecosystem. In short, this can be considered an analog of WordPress to DAO — so to block what WordPress has done for the web. This vision is made possible by a pile of components the following in place:

DAOstack ecosystem is made of many different but mutually DAO operation, interact with one another in order to maximize the potential benefits of collaboration are distributed and divided. On a technical level, all DAO is created from a series of smart contracts, deployed through the Arc: Soliditas governance framework that allows creating, configure, deploy and operate the DAO to Ethereum blockchain, may rely on a network of IPFS as 8 overlays for storage and retrieval of data.

The arc is a common governance framework for an interactive internet agency blockchain, the base operating system for DAO. This is modular, open-source frameworks and common goals with design, and equipped with open library governance templates, modules or elements, which will be developed according to needs of its users. This also allows the enhancement and modification of the system of Government that is easy to better suit the needs of your organization over time.
Js Arc.
Arc. js framework is a fairly long Solidity, integration with what is required in order to be quite a well-understood programming language contract intelligent Solidity and the Ethereum blockchain. To make the integration of third-party applications to simple front-end developers (JavaScript) enthusiast, we have designed Arc .js as gate JavaScript is easy.
Archives is a layer of basic operations for DAOstack ecosystems, and ArcHives are the records that are divided and curated. Shared, curated registries can be very strong, providing focus and high data quality, but more than that, they are the locus for the effects of ecosystem network, which is also a source of external monetization ecosystem (i.e. business model). We will describe below the basic DAOstack Archives: Compendium, Mosaic, and Hive Registries, and will explain the monetization model in tow. Beyond this, each agent or DAO can have their own independent registries, and specifically, DAOstack can also have many other registries in the future.

The Token GEN
GENE was the original platform token DAOstack. Basic operations in DAOstack ecosystems-such as promoting proposal-will require spending on GENES or GENE. storage will be distributed to the contributors ‘ value through the framework of the DAOstack itself, giving incentives, promotion and development the adoption of the
Details Of The Sale Of Tokens
Schedule Token Sales may 8, 2018
The Purchase Token Ethereum
The price of a Token 1 GENE = $1
A total of 100 million Token Supply GENES

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