DAEX is an abbreviation for Digital assets Exchange, and this project develops a convenient platform for settlements between users and in stock trading. The project strives to Li all available exchanges cryptocurrency and exchangers in a single, convenient ecosystem. For end users, this will greatly simplify life, because the turnover of cryptocurrency become easier and more accessible to many. It is also possible to distinguish some other advantages of such symbiosis:

1. In the digital industry, DAEX will become such a link through which you can connect any assets within the platform.
2. Kriptovaljutnye exchanges and exchanges will receive a ready base of clients for work, that especially will be useful to those exchanges which are only opened or plan to open. The same applies to exchangers cryptocurrency.
3. Traders will get a huge range of opportunities to manage various assets, investing in various projects will become easier, as the platform will help its customers with KYC, as will be possible to calculate assets.

How will it work?
Developers of the project Daex want to create such a hybrid of traditional exchanges and cryptocurrency exchanges.
This solution will be based on blockchain technology, where data will not be stored in one place, but distributed across multiple channels, which will provide greater security for the end user. Also in the system will be introduced smart contract for the accuracy and transparency of all operations. This solution completely automates the process, eliminates the human factor, which is already a plus.

In this picture, you can see a graphical display of the platform’s operation diagram. As we can see, users do not interact directly with exchanges (exchanges), all the interaction is through the clearing blockchain daex. The process of trading, as you will see now, does not seem complicated. For example, the user wants to perform an operation with cryptocurrency.
To do this, he creates an order, and this order is placed on one of the exchanges, which is connected to the system Daex. The system compares already received orders from other users with the current received order and selects the most optimal variant for the operation. The calculation is provided by a smart contract.

In general, as mentioned earlier, the main goal of DAEX is to create a global exchange platform that ensures high speed and transparency of all transactions. In this case, you will not have intermediaries in the form of multiple exchanges, everything is simplified to manage one platform.
Also, the project guarantees the security of storage and exchange of assets, as well as a fast conversion of any tokens by combining several sites on DAEX.

In this picture, you can see a graphical representation of the scheme of access to your digital assets. The problem of fraudulent projects Recently, each of Kriptojentuziastov at least once faced with the concept of scum in the ICO. Such projects even sometimes release their token and then forget about the project. The development ends, the project dies.

DAEX will closely monitor the tokens that will be allowed to exchange. The validation process includes a check of the news background and the activity of the token command, based on these and many other factors, the decision to integrate the token into the DAEX purse will be taken.
This will allow all participants to exchange their crypto for the deliberately liquid assets of other users, which should have a very positive impact on the overall atmosphere of the project. People will not be afraid to trade, because the chance to lose all their money decreases at times! And it’s very cool.

Based on the foregoing, I recommend that you pay attention to the roadmap of the project.
DAEX plans to release the BETA version of the platform in Q4 2018, after which the active testing of the system and secondary debugging of nuances will begin.
In the second quarter of 2019, it is planned to release the platform in production (i.e. full-fledged release). This means that the polished after Beta project will be available to the general public.
Release 2.0 is planned for Q4 2019. It is not clear whether it will be a second version or a global update, but it is clear that the development project on the first release does not finish.
DAEX token
The DAX coin is an Ethereum token of the ERC-20 standard that will be used to pay for such services:
1. Clearing fee
2. Currency Exchange Fee
3. Calculation fee
4. Trading Account
A huge advantage of this token is that it is already trading on many exchanges. If the price goes up, you can always sell or buy this token without any problems!

Conclusion : 
I believe that in the near future we will be able to observe the rise of interest in this project, as it is really interesting. The ICO starts on September 9th, so in the near future, there may be movement in the token price on the stock exchanges. In the long run, chances are that the project is about to shoot. Investor not, decide you! Time to think more. Thank you for reading my article!

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