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Cycoin With the numerous new crypto coins emerging every day, it can take a lot of time to figure out which coins are real and which are a scam. Moreover, after determining it, many of the good coins that are not scam must face great tasks. Therefore, it offers rational, understandable and real revenue-generating investment strategies, instead of the future promising future gains and capital benefits that many CIOs are trying to do and can’t. 
These investment strategies are carried out by built-in mechanisms already seen in the crypto markets. Established funds will be deposited in the crypto money, which means that your money will not go anywhere but take place in the funding criterion.
Cycoin is an asset-assisted currency supported by the acquired cryptocurrencies when performing investment objectives. Cycoin owners will receive voting power over the crypto money pools. In order to carry out margin lending activities and to take advantage of the periodic arbitrage opportunities in the crypto markets, it is possible to trade with the currency of the first 100 currencies, usually on the basis of the market value. In addition, part of the fund will be carefully examined and allocated to invest in ICS selected by professionals in the crypto markets.
Cycoin allows built-in investors to access the crypto-currency investment markets with a reliable and easy mechanism for holding a crypto money pool that will provide revenue flow by investing in new research and manual investment. Aims. Cycoin The aim of the project is to use the tried and observable low-risk investment strategies to give the income prize only to the owners of Cycoin. It is also a reliable and easy mechanism to establish new and built investor access to the crypto money investment markets.
Most of the time, many coins that promise potential income in the future are risky things. Cycoin, on the other hand, offers robust, understandable and real revenue-generating investment strategies. The Platform conducts its strategies through the built-in mechanisms already seen in the crypto markets. The funds received will be redeposited into the cryptocurrencies, so that no money will be moved to any other place in the funding criteria system.
Margin Credit
For the first month, the platform initially uses 100 percent of the fund. Then, the minimum 50% of the funds and 80 percent are converted into digital currencies and deposited in various exchanges for traders trading on these exchanges. In the end, margin credit will earn interest. Interest in margin loans varies by currency and inequality of supply and demand.
Opportunity Arbitrage
The Platform will give you an opportunity to earn arbitrage profits of up to 30 percent of the funds. Since the cryptocurrency exchanges are not interconnected, an asset may have different prices on various exchanges. Cycoin provides you with the opportunity to assess the differences and, if possible, buy at a lower price on an exchange and make a higher sale on another stock exchange.
Pre-Ico and Ico investments
Cycoin will invest up to 50% of the funds in pre-production and Ico opportunities. The Platform will use a range of external professional services to offer pre-determined and proposed opportunities.
Fund income Reinvestment
Cycoin will hold 10% of the funds obtained from the Ico and Ico pre-investment for distribution and re-investment in conjunction with the General Fund. This will increase the amount of money stored in the crypto.
Token Information and ICF:
Token symbol: Ccy
Token Standard: ERC20
Token Price: 1 cycoin = $2 USD
Accepted payment method: BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC
Total supply: 50 million
Pre-Ico Hardcap: 2 Million US dollar
Hardcap: 50 Million US dollar
KYC: Required
Currently Pre-Ico continues with 25% bonus

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