CYBR – Cyber Security Ecosystem and Utility Token

CYBR – The decentralized network has become a “breath of fresh air” for many organizations. Indeed, it solves a lot of problems, excludes falsification of data, changes of the information entered in it and some kinds of fraud. Let’s dwell on the last paragraph, namely the word “some”. Why is that? There is a saying in the circle of hackers: “No system is safe”. And this statement really spreads a lot of problems and proves that any security system in one way or another can be circumvented or hacked. Large organizations, cryptocurrency exchanges, and many other financial and public sectors, lose large sums of money every year, from hacker attacks. The brightest of them: Mt. Gox, lost 750,000 BTC, the Japanese currency exchange Coincheck was hacked by 534 million. Dollars. Even a decentralize network Bancor, seemingly created to become the safest in the world and then attacked by hackers. The amount of damage amounted to 23.5 mln. Dollars. And it is only for the last 2-3 years, you can say, it is just a stock exchange and no threat except for the loss of your money is not. There are a lot of other stories, I’ll give a couple of them to show what can turn into a common, seemingly hacker attack.

In 1983, Kevin Mitnick, as a student, hacked into the Pentagon’s website and reached the U.S. Department of Defense servers. Of course, he was caught, but the fact remains that there could be a leak of valuable information or worse, probably for these and other reasons could just start cold or information wars between countries or other conflicts.

The year 1999. Jonathan James, aged 15, gained access to the NASA system. Several important damage files were stolen in the area of 1.7 million. Dollars. The list of cyber crimes can continue indefinitely.

There are many organizations or groups of individuals so-called “ethical hackers” or white hackers, anti-virus systems. It is about such a project will be discussed, I want to introduce you to the blockchain project CYBR.

CYBR is a comprehensive security solution combined with the latest software that will be optimized specifically for the network blockchain. His mission is to ensure continuous security in the network blockchain. Most of the CYBR project is already built and used in various traditional sectors of the economy.
The founder of the project Shawn Key is a veteran in the field of cybersecurity, his company for 10 years of work has maintained an impeccable reputation and is a subcontractor of Raytheon. To contribute to the blockchain became after he discovered almost the same problems as in other sectors. Similarity cyber attacks in the world of cryptocurrency gave rise to the decision to embed in blockchain their software cybr Ecosystem: BlindSpot. It is designed to optimize and detect critical errors in damaged smart contracts and related transactions.

CYBR consists of the following modules that provide real-time protection, offer countermeasures, investigate threats and eliminate them.
• BlindSpot-Proprietary, private software identifying threats. The software finds even disguised threats used by the world’s most advanced hackers. It can cover any servers, USB-drives, computer, and mobile devices. Using digital fingerprints and an adaptive brain, the software detects the signatures of attacks by deploying a combination of machine learning combined with artificial intelligence. BlindSpot constantly monitors the action of various files and any digital mismatch, suppressed and communicated to the user. BlindSpot will be useful in government systems that pass certification. It helps organizations comply with security requirements and ensures that they are consistently enforced. Protection of confidential information is monitored 24 hours a day and can send warnings to the owner about any questionable actions. BlindSpot supports many operating networks and can be built into many existing platforms and frameworks.
• Web portal-used for data transmission in real time. It has many features such as Check and browser threats, addresses, support page, wallet details and more.
• CYBR purse. The portal offers its own unique wallet with its address book. That is, you can send tokens to verified and trusted recipients. Wallet includes face recognition and can contain your biometric data, it is very convenient, no need to enter the private key, which is often hacked through phishing sites.

Token and ICO Details
CYBR is a utility token. It can be used with BlindSpot and global threat signals. It has an ERC 20 standard. They will be rewarded by members of the community, for a certain contribution to the system, in addition, with its help will be purchased various services.
Token Ticker: CYBR.
Total: 1 billion
Price of one token: $0.08.
Soft cap: $2 million.
Hard cap: $15 million.
Presale Date: October 15-November 30, 2018
All not sold tokens will be burnt

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