CyberTrust – Bringing Institutional Investors In Cryptomarket

CyberTrust is a platform that enables institutions or giant investors to buy and sell assets cryptocurrency easily and safely. Cybertrust will handle the problems that still exist for this problem like  cryptocurrency, overcoming the risk of abnormal clearing, overcoming in the judicial recovery process if problems occur and protect digital assets from thieves in the virtual world. On the other hand, the CyberTrus also offer a security service for the crypto assets owned by an institutional use. For the services offered by CyberTrus, users can only use CABS Token to Transact.

CABS are a mandatory token Token which must be owned by the institution as fuel to get Crypto Service Derivatives (entitled, the ownership of which is audited, clearly the implication of tax, exemption & risk-free settlement, strong security and storage).
The Role Of CyberTrust

Steps will be taken to serve as the starter early this platform running. Some programs will also continue to ensure the consistency of the CyberTrust himself. Some of the steps to be performed are as follows;

Make Global Crypto Notes (GCN), so that each owner of GCN have legal claims over the assets of the underlying crypto (e.g. BTC, ETH, BCH). All Global Crypto Notes each FWB’s, that have International Securities Identifier Number.
Create three Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV): one each for BTC, ET and BCH
Off-chain wallet storage provided by the Xapo which to secure private keys and also owned assets. Likened to such assets in the freeze for the sake of security and have insurance.
All clearing and Settlement for GCN will be done by Clearstream, which is known as a “bank of banks”, to allow the opening of a safe and appropriate trade regulation.
SPV’S finances will be audited by Ernst & Young S.A., started in Q1 2018. Administrator of the SPV is the entity licensed Creatrust Luxembourg s. a.

Opportunity (Opportunity)

With 1.87 million shares, Grayscale BIT currently has a total value of about $1.3 billion. Currently (starting early October 2017), stocks traded with the GBTC premium 85-95% value of Bitcoin underlying, i.e., 185-195% of the current price of the Bitcoin.
While the Grayscale offers the type of ownership that can be audited and auditable, the demand by the institutional market, only for BTC, which, apart from its share of 49% of the total market cryptocurrency, consistently is an asset with yield lowest among 10 crypto above. For example, while the Bitcoin has increased more than 300% in 2017 from year to year, while his brother Ethereum has experienced a rise of over 3000%.
The availability of a limited number of token CABS will result in prices continued soar token along with the high demand of the market. And if the market demand is not as expected, the token holder can use the services of a CyberTrust premium and also to keep the assets of crypto in order to secure from fraud and theft.
CABS and Initial Token Token Offering (ITO)

CABS Token is a token issued by the Cyber Trust based on technology ERC20 Ethereum. The name of the CABS is the length of the Asset-Based Securitisation Crypto Token. This token can be saved and transferred easily, anywhere and anytime. The primary use of the token CABS is to purchase premium services provided by CyberTrust. For holders of the BTC, the ETH and the BCH will need this token as the cost of purchasing service in CyberTrust.
Cybertrust also held an event Token Sale, which called the ITO or Intial Token Offering. ITO program is intended for investors who are interested in and want to support the formation of community and platform as well as extreme low liquidity of CABS Token.
ITO means platform will sell token CABS which can be purchased using a specific currency.
ITO period was November 27, 2017 – 21 December 2017.
But the team also hosts Pre-Sale, held on November 14, 2017-17 November 2017 to investors who come early with a cheaper price. Currency accepted is a BTC, ETH/ETC, BCC/BCH, USD, CHF, EUR.
The normal price for 1 Token CABS is 0.5 ETH. The total number of CABS for sale is as much 600.000 CABS Token. While the total of token supply will depend of the number of tokens that were sold. With the formula Total Supply = Token Sold x 150%. So the maximum total supply the token is 900.000 CABS.

Cybertrust will act as custodian bank in the traditional way for crypto assets. In the CyberTrust approach is based on the technology and methods which have been used by major financial institutions for several decades. Below includes a wide range of technologies and solutions such as:
1. data memory in the memory (IMDG) for scalability and performance of neural networks & machine learning for the detection of fraud and violations;
2. network isolation for security key personal and sensitive data;
3. Neural Networks & machine learning for the detection of fraud and violations;
4. high client account security with features such as multi factor authorisation through SMS/suara/video and a trusted address;
5. easy integration with existing financial market infrastructure like gateways to
clearing & settlement

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