CURRENT Incentivized, Blockchain-Enabled Streaming Ecosystem Choose How to Stream and Pay For Your Media

CURRENT – How would it be if a project supported by businessmen raised and fund a large, successful and profitable is not it? well this is a very phenomenal project a project using streaming technology supported blockchain Mark Cuban with funds in excess of $36 m. CURRENT stream ecosystem is a project with the support of blockchain that can be supported which allows you to select how to drain off and pay your media. The attention and personal data is now the most important commodity on the internet. The Media, both of which serve as an effective place to create attention/economic data and primed to blockchain disorders. By taking the passive habits and values are correlated with it, as this is the precedent in today’s digital landscape. The user should get more than just entertainment, content creators should get a larger piece of the revenue, and the curator must be paid to find content you don’t like who you love.

A New Generation Of Streaming Media
1. The means of Supporting
Currently consolidating content and features the most popular media network becomes a personal experience of the all-in-one, with an estimated purchasing power amounting to $44 Billion, Gen Z spend more than 5 hours per day on their phones, making them It has a good position for the does of Cryptography. By designing our platform with the most active generation digitally, we distinguish ourselves from the infrastructure protocols developed to serve “wave start” avid users and provide valuable new viewers to the world of blockchain. Gen Z and Millennium have interactions that deeper and more frequently in video and music services than ever before. They are more likely to search YouTube for a particular question and then to Google it. Armed with a acute awareness, interest and understanding and strong against the digital landscape, these groups will represent the first generation that will drown in blockchain products and services. In many cases, Current will The first digital Wallet belonging to the general public.
This Protocol gives awards to people for streaming, ad impressions and their personal data. The initial launch on the platform today, the Protocol will be open for developers and third-party providers to exploit it. Currently only looking for the content of third-party networks like YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud, Internet Radio, and more, ensuring adequate media supplies, to accelerate growth and meet the demand of users. At this stage, the goal is to find the appropriate product market to build a strong foundation for the product. With more than 300 million songs and over 1 billion videos, more than 200.000 people use Current to listen, watch, and national interact with the media. The average user spent more than 18 minutes per session and our 30-day retention in Q4 2017 more than 35% without the incentive that made it into the platform, far above the industry standards at this stage.
Token utilities currently, CRNC (pronounced “currencies”), reducing or eliminating the cost of premium subscriptions and facilitate the purchase of ads. The second phase is focused on building a Protocol and a token democratic utility – measuring values created in the cycle of media consumption; redirect the benefit of advertisers and intermediaries to the people who are playing, creating, and mengurasi media. The launch initially on current platforms, protocols will be built to support the use of external networks. This network offers a host of new incentive mechanism and source of income, as well as the compensation model for its users. In turn, the token holder expanded along with the value of the ecosystem. This Protocol noted transaction at blockchain proving the user contribution towards network (with consumption, or by curatorial and creation) and a contract to a matter of smart token CRNC in response to the contraction. Scalability to handle bot-tlenecks, while maintaining confidence in the trans-action, we will consider the “channel of the State”.

2. The supporting Feature “then Press Play”
-Anyone can get the CRNC
Produce CRNC is simple; Navigate to your favorite content via Platform at this time.
-Reduce the cost of the Premium Subscription
CRNC may be used immediately to reduce or eliminate the cost of subscription to premium content providers.
-Access your favorite Content
Platform with a library of almost unlimited content that meets the demand for music, video, movies, audio books, podcasts, etc.
-Simplest Onboarding
currently automatically create wallet CRNC for each user. In many cases, Current will be the first digital wallet that is owned by the general public.

Share/Market Glance
Most of the media companies that use blockchain focuses on areas such as distribution of data through distribution. Only a few of those awarding focuses on social media and advertising. Our analysis against the landscape of the market found some token associated with the media and revealing trends that have influenced our vision and commitment.
1. Animated Media & advertising Incentives
-Kin, By Kik Interactive
The successful experiments of Kik using digital currencies of non-blockchain in their messaging platform proves that the de-centralized currencies can also survive. Once implemented, the monthly volume of transactions reached almost three times the global transaction volume of Bitcoin, users they proved their ability to adopt and use the currency quickly. Kin, like the Current token, will used to give the award to the author of the content, access premium content, and paying for goods and services within the ecosystem. While in a different market segment from the Current, Kik has proven that demographics aged 13-24 years have a strong willingness to adopt digital currencies with low barriers to entry.
-Basic Token Attention (BAT)/Internet Browser Dares
Brendan Eich, JavaScript’s co-founder and co-creator of Mozilla, creating Basic Attention Token (BAT) to facilitate the exchange of the value in the digital advertising market Brave the Internet Browser. Brave is an internet browser that focuses on open source and privacy that blocks ads and trackers of advertising while rewarding and accurate Publisher to Publisher through smart contract in the block. While utilizing the desktop internet users are aware of security and privacy, they also have developed a simple user base from the original user blockchain from the momentum of their success the ICO produces $35 million. Similar to the way the BAT communicates and appreciate “the attention of the user by using the web content and the Publisher, Current directly applying multimedia consumption. Kin, such as Current, the token will be used to give the award to the author of the content, access premium content, and paying for goods and services within the ecosystem. While in a different market segment from the Current, Kik has proven that demographics aged 13-24 years have a strong willingness to adopt digital currencies with low barriers to entry. Kin, With Basic Interactive Attention Token Kik (BAT)/Bold Internet Browser
Steem is a social media platform that incentivized, similar to Reddit and use benchmarks blockchain and pro-prietary to reward and moderate the discussion. Their Platform has experienced considerable growth in their core demographic of introduction Cryptococcus and early adopters of the pro-liferasi interest in digital currencies and technology blockchain. Steem community recognition system similar to Current’s; However, their recognition system requires input from the user – read the con-tent, voted, and commented. Users currently get only a token of their consumption patterns in the platform.

2. the Decentralized Media Platform
Flow is not obstructed by the attribution of rights the population of the holder of a limited, or crypto library content is limited. There is never a shortage of holders of Cryptococcus at the moment which will soon get the CRNC by streaming media. The problem of library content and attribution rights are handled by our external media partners. The technology block is ready to be just us confused with digital Media Industry the recording and the internet has. Decentralized computing, refresher and model made possible by it, increase game field so that new entrants and incumbents can be well developed. A wider Audience and a more transparent payment above the list of benefits to creators and consumers. However, the new, decentralized platforms like Ujo, Opus, JAAK and SingularDTV face problems such as industrial lobby, the rate of does, ownership of the crypto-previous currency, library content is limited and technical hurdles.
3. Advantage in the Media Landscape
Although of course there are other companies in the media and social landscape that will take the technology spectrum includes, Current blockchain offer a much wider content using our hybrid approach than that offered by one company in the same market.

The Launch Of The Token

The main purpose of the launch of the token is to effectively initiate and support the Current token market Media in developing technologies that contribute to the market. The Bonus will be given to early investors with a short lockout period after the sale to improve stability.
Symbols: CRNC
-Soft Cap: $5 million
-Hard Cap: $36 million
-the amount of 350 million sales: CRNC
-A Total of 1 trillion Suply: CRN
-payment accepted: ETH, BTC, NEO
-Level of Excange: EST. $0.24 < > 1 CRNC
-Minimum Transcript: 0.03 ETH
-Pre-sale public: 7 February 2018 (12:00 AM CT)-February 21, 2018 (11:59 am CT)
-main sales period: March 14, 2018 (12:00 AM CT)-April 4, 2018 (11:59 am CT)
claims March 21 Campaign Wallet: 2018 (at 12:00 AM CT)

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