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SAPIEN was a highly social news platform is easily adjustable and capable democratic reward millions of content creators and curators centralized without intermediaries.
Sapiens will build a development platform that is supported by the SPNfor offering a wide range of applications and allows external applications to take advantage of our user base.
Sapiens is supported by a qualified cryptocurrency ERC20 called the SPN. Network Sapiens will evolve rapidly to encompass a wide range of markets, integration, and third-party applications.
What Are The Advantages Of Network Sapiens?
SPN functions as a unified currency gives us the ease to buy applications from all applications are integrated.
The new application will be able to integrate with SPN easily through FIRE Sapiens which allows users to Exchange and make purchases with the SPN.
SPN will create integrated Markets and binding virtual goods purchased inside the applications integrated into the real-world value SPN creates a new dimension of interaction between users on the applications that are integrated with the SPN.
Our goal is to Build a global reputation network across all platforms of integrated SPN to fight fake news everywhere.
The contribution of the Sapiens?
Token SPN will be very useful not only in ecosystems Sapiens, SPN will also facilitate the creation and transfer of value within and outside the platform, we believe the SPN will be one of the most versatile token in the online space.
Fake news will be greatly reduced with secure Blockchain identity and reputation system. SPN will become the backbone of any social actions and transactions that occur, infuse their growth potential in their expansion and application platform rather than an arbitrary fluctuations in the market for crypto.
Users will finally have a real voice in collaborating and forming a community that they want to be part of.
By utilizing the latest Blockchain technology, we can work together to build a platform that is immune to censorship, keep your freedom of speech, respect our privacy, content and still have all of human existence.
Business Opportunities
Social media
There are currently more than 2.3 billion user of social media and in the year 2020 there will be more than 3 billion. Humans are inherently social species; Thus, some form of social media will continue to play an important role continues to move forward.
According to Statista, the number of people who bought goods or services online will increase from 1.46 billion in the year 2015 to more than 2 billion in 2020. Technologies such as Blockchain, IoT, and cloud computing is radically changing how consumers would Transact in the future.
As shown by Figure 2.1 and 2.2, the trends indicate increasing privacy concerns and the increasing distrust to disclose personal information in social media. This attitudeshows internet users are increasingly concerned with privacy, but has no choice but to continue using the services of stockpiling and benefit from the data.
Figures 3.1 and 3.2 below clearly show movement toward digital shopping and this clearly had an impact on the Publisher media. Sapiens this creator offers the opportunity to do the digital transformation of their business by offering consumers an additional revenue stream to make money and reduce losses.
Buyer seller
Users will be able to buy and sell virtual goods and physical goods, services and premium content in the market by using its token Sapiens SPN. The value reputation will be integrated into the market, allowing users to sure that the vendors they buy reliable.
Sapiens will charge a transaction fee of 1% to the buyer and the seller in the market unless they have a Sapiens threshold specific for SPN that are uploaded. Minimum limit would initially be set equivalent to the multilevel $20 worth of SPN. If the buyer or seller has a minimum bet $20, then they won’t pay transaction fees from them. If one of the parties have less than the minimum threshold which held the forest, they will be charged a transaction fee of 1%.

Maximum SPN Distributed: 10 million
Token Exchange Base Rate: 1 ETH = 4,000 SPN
Currencies accepted: ETH
Tiered Investment Structure:
> $500 k + 40% (1 ETH = 5.600 SPN)
> $250 k + 25% (1 ETH = 5,000 SPN)
$100 k >: + 15% (1 ETH = 4.600 SPN)
> $50 k + 7% (1 ETH = 4.280 SPN)
> $10 k + 3% (1 ETH = 4.120 SPN)
SPN Classics: Smart Contract will distribute the token after Token Phase Sale # 1 is complete.
The purpose of Presenting the Minimum: no minimum
Token Sales phase # 1
The maximum Distributed SPN: 215 million
Currencies accepted:
ETH: Natively supported.
BTC: not supported natively. Contributors will be asked to get the address of the Ethereal. The address of the BTC will be created and bound to the Ethereal address specified. Once accepted, the BTC SPN will be sent to the address specified Ethereal.
Token Exchange Base Rate: 1 ETH = 3.000 SPN
Bonus structure: • 1 Day: + 15% (1 ETH = 3.450 SPN) •
Week 1: + 8% (1 ETH = 3.240 SPN)
Week 2: + 3% (1 ETH = 3,090 SPN)
Week 3 +: no bonus
The level of Issuance: all new tokens will be distributed to the maker of the value in the Sapiens
The Minimum goal: 50 million SPN
 Website :http://www.sapien.network
 Whitepaper :https://www.sapien.network/assets/SPNv1_0.pdf
 ANN : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2739033
 Facebook :https://www.facebook.com/sapien.network
 Twitter :https://twitter.com/sapien_network
 Telegram :https://t.me/SapienNetwork
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