CryptoSolarTech Blockchain with solar energy

CryptoSolarTech The international climate negotiations in Paris set the ambitious goal: limiting global warming to 2 ° C until 2100. Achieving these goals will require an additional investment of $1 trillion annually through 2050 in clean energy and other sustainability projects. But the current investment levels are still far below the target level, which also became a major concern in the UNFCCC talks Cop23 ( “World Climate Conference “) in Bonn. Because the public sector is struggling to advance financing, pressure on the private sector increases when the discussions in Bonn showed

Electricity and heat from coal, oil, and gas cover 25% of the world’s greenhouse gases. In addition to being a major source of CO2 emissions, fossil fuels are natural resources that cannot be renewed. In contrast, renewable energy such as wind and solar power can be constantly recharged — and they do not damage the environment. They also bring a strong business opportunity. With 2040 renewable energy will attract up to 60% of the total investment in the capacity of the global power generation ($11.4 trillion), according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance estimates.

Renewable energy became the preferred way to mine digital currencies such as Altcoin and the other because of the Bitcoin surging prices and industry looking for more computing power or strength of the hash with the cost of electricity. While traditional fuels such as coal remains a staple for many network utilities, major miners including Bitmain Technologies Ltd, HIVE Blockchain Technologies Ltd., and Bitfury Group are tapping the power of the net in places like Canada, Iceland and Paraguay–and lure investors worry about the industry’s carbon footprint. Now you can do it in Spain, the first place in the world to have developed and implemented a model solar renewable energy system globally as we know it today.

What Is A CryptoSolarTech?
CryptoSolarTech is a pioneering project worldwide whose primary purpose is to design, build, maintain and operate (DBMO) some solar farms devoted to mine crypto assets, for all your customer profile. The solar plant will be located at miner & Southern Spain, taking advantage of good weather in Spain, which allows obtaining a large photovoltaic energy and abundant to be used to start the project. It was originally farmed will be equipped with up to 3,000 machines miners. The strength of this hash will be leased to the token holder to have access to facilities for mining assets crypto they choose between different portfolios offered by CryptoSolarTech at any time and at the same time get a discount price the specific power consumption of the miners.

Energy consumption of equipment to supply the miners will be generated from some solar power plants will be installed in the province of Seville (Spain). The revenue generated from the energy produced by the plant will be used to supply the electricity consumption of mining. The holder of a token is the only one who will have access to participate in the project CryptoSolarTech miners by hiring several algorithms to return miners mining portfolios of their own.

To have access to the machine rental Ferryman, Token Generating Event (TGE) will be launched, which will sell the token with access rights to lease this machine or Asics miners and efficient. As much as 1,260 million tokens to be issued to allow the machine rental Ferryman. The token will have the name CrytoSolarToken (CST). All tokens that are not sold during this ICO will be burned forever. No more CryptoSolarToken Serie A token that will be published in the future associated with this facility.

Token CST
Cryptosolartech is the digital assets that hold will show ownership factions, mining cryptocurrency, and photovoltaic solar power plant. Originally the location of the photovoltaic plant will be located in the province of Seville (Spain), mining and livestock will be in Malaga (Spain) in the warehouse industry are already enabled for this activity.

Cryptosolartech is the token type ERC-20 who will work on Blockchain Ethereum. The CST classified as token Utility, so that all owners will have the right of use of any of the assets acquired, and may ask for the exploitation and use of it by the time they need it. For ICO, one set of 1260 million Cryptosolartech tokens will be published. All tokens that are not sold during the ICO will be burned. There are no more tokens to be issued in the future. The initial value of 1 CST equal to 0.10 euros.

Details Of The Sale Of Tokens
Schedule Token Sales April 16, 2018
The Purchase Token Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, FIAT
The price of a Token 1 CST = €0.1
A total of 1.26 billion Token Supply CST

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