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CRYPTONITY – Good evening, friends! In today’s article, I want to tell you about the project cryptonity. This project is a Kriptovaljutnuju exchange, which includes a complete set of tools for the implementation of convenient trade Kriptoaktivami. When creating this platform, the developers aim to improve the current system of crypto exchanges in various ways.
The developers also allow each platform user to use unique tools to ensure full security of the client’s funds.

To date, there are several types of cryptocurrency exchanges in the market, representing large and small players. If we talk about small exchanges, it should be noted that they categorically do not care about their customers and they do not depend on the user’s opinion of themselves. There is no reciprocal link between the Exchange and the users. The main thing is that they really care so it’s getting profit and all. Basically, all transactions committed by the exchange remain in the shadows, therefore, customers cannot trust such an exchange. Large sums are charged for listing a particular coin.

As for the large cryptocurrency exchanges, it is necessary to focus on the problems of regulation, the reliability of the company itself, the presence of any bank account and support FIAT, as well as problems of safety and availability Insurance in case of theft of funds, availability of any feedback with technical support of the exchange
and transparency.

It is no secret that decentralized exchanges are the best solution for Kriptosoobshhestva. Why is that? Yes, because these types of exchanges have no intermediaries and are based on smart contracts to ensure all transactions, which ultimately gives them huge advantages over centralized types of exchanges. CRYPTONITY¬†No centralized server. Each user is able to manage his crypto as he pleases. All these qualities include cryptonity. In the developers ‘ plans to create their own blockchain after the successful process of allocation of ICO tokens.
The Cryptonity platform will provide its users with reports twice a year to increase their confidence and make the ecosystem transparent. If there is a real hacker threat, the developers plan to create an insurance policy that will cover all losses of the clients of the exchange. To implement this, developers plan to reserve about 7 million tokens xny in a cold purse, the address of which will be available for everyone.
1. Maximum protection: Factor authentication (2FA), login via email, all sorts of secret questions and anti-phishing code, automatic PDF generation with QR code 2FA and key, as well as FIDO U2F security key.
2. Fiat deposit and withdrawal via SEPA and SWIFT.
3. Market order, limit and stop losses.
4. Assistance in analysis and choice of strategy.
5. POS-Wallets and Master node.
6. Participation in Airdrop and support of some forks.
7. Users who hold in their portfolio an internal token cryptonity (xny), will be able to get the lowest commissions when trading on the stock exchange.

ICO procedure

The main token of the platform is the ERC-20 standard marker on the basis of blockchain Ethereum-xny. 50% discount on all transactions on the exchange to the holders of the token.
Token: xny (ERC20)
Public Sale: Oct 31, 2018-Dec 31, 2018
Main sales: 01 Nov to 30 Nov 2018 (Bonus + 10%)
Total will be released: 100 million Xny
Total will be allocated for all rounds of sales: 60M xny
Soft Cap: $500,000
Hard Cap: $20,120,000
Token Price: 1 xny = $0.23
Deposit: ETH, BTC, BCH, LTC
Minimum deposit: 0.05 ETH
Rating-4.4 Icobench
All unsold tokens will be burnt.
US residents cannot participate in sales.

CRYPTONITY Given a large number of decentralized exchanges, this project will not be easy to compete with existing on the bitcoins market exchanges. The rating of the project is quite good, which gives credibility to the project. The team consists of large specialists with experience in this field-it can help to attract more interested users to the platform. I will monitor the development of this project.

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