CryptoLancer – Blockchain Revolution in Freelance 2.0

CryptoLancer – Freelancers are a special challenge in terms of organizing collective work. As an individualistic and highly developed workforce, they face several obstacles that prevent them from fulfilling their responsibilities to the full.

Almost 50% of freelancers and self-employed workers report that they have systematic problems with receiving their payments within the agreed time frame. Freelancers require fast payment and maximum protection against reimbursement. They want to get the exact amount of money specified in the contract, without any fees after receiving the payment received.

Cryptolancers makes it easy to pay and quickly get, and Cryptolancers offers the best service that meets the goals and objectives of the client with the lowest cost and the best choice of time.

The Cryptolancers ecosystem uses distributed computing to solve the problems of online payment transactions inherent in existing systems in a single distributed peer platform. Decentralized blockchain technology and intelligent contracts make it easier for customers to pay for the project on the Platform of Trust and agnostic, which can significantly reduce the risk of fraud and the risk of the counterparty.

By doing an investment, Cryptolancers will be the platform enables publishers to assign tasks and a character that is affected.. CryptoLancer provides several services on one platform using a fully distributed network and a very secure payment method.

The Cryptolancers platform is a decentralized platform for freelance peers and a cryptolancers token for online payments that allows you to connect project leaders with service providers to help people implement Innovative projects and hiring freelancers to provide related work and services. Cryptolancers is going to solve many problems related to the Frilanserovanija process in the market, including late and refused to pay for the agreed amount of money for the project. Cryptolancers is currently applied on the Ethereum as a contract that is very smart and will be included as a sign of ERC20-compatible utility called CLT, and will be used for the payment system.

Problems that we solve:
Classic payment method.
High transaction fee.
Fraud and fake reviews.
Low level of security.

Our Solutions
Decentralized payment services plug-ins
Transaction fees less than 2%
Decentralized feedback at the point
Decentralized web Hosting
Cryptolancers offers the stability of the market and strives to provide profit for its investors.

Price expectation
It is expected that the number of CLT, which will be distributed by the end of the year, will be 60 000 000, put up for sale for two rounds based on a well-studied percentage for each round. From here we can develop the estimated forecasts of the CLT price for 2018. Based on the forecasts of our experts on the value of the token by 1 quarter, the forecast market for CLT is fixed to $0.7. The CLT price will continue to grow in different proportions-from $1.1 in Q2 to $1.7 in Q3. In the fourth quarter, the CLT price is expected to rise to $2.8. We calculated the CLT price predictions using the number of tokens expected to be distributed by the end of the year and the forecast of our expert advisors on the value of the token and the coin by the end of the year.

Token Distribution and economics
CryptoLancer  will be distributed as widely as possible during the token propagation event at startup. The distribution will consist of maintaining a well-calculated number for the Cryptolancers team, as well as private and public token sales.

Token distribution
Community distributed-> 55%
Reserve-> 15%
Founders and team-> 15%
Reserve for manipulating the platform-> 15%

Community Token Distribution
ICO-> 48.5%
Pre-round ICO 1-> 9%
Pre-round ICO 2-> 28%
The cost of the bonus and generosity-> 14.5%


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