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CryptoBnB create a market for the new generation of online short term rental and game savvy to tenants. New market Singer aims to review increases the chance that is offered is indicated to the travelers, with offers greater efficiency gede hearts search, 0% Commission Rate Lower Network And greater flexibility gede, with Smart smart contracts using combined with the power of artificial intelligence and good Data. to find the desired placement in the most efficient manner. New blockchain technology provides a system-based voting system based on the belief that users of the platform can learn more about their counterparts.

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Nou, realize that you are having difficulty selecting a temporary shelter during the holidays or travel, or you have found the right service, but the Commission requested from You too heavy burden of your travel expenses, not to mention the hospitality of the owner you choose and many other problems. With this problem, we decided to create a revolutionary platform, which will give You a different experience, we call this platform with the name “CrytoBnB”.
As a developing blockchain technologies, we also developed an AI (and artificial intelligence) and large data that will help you find your desired hosting with the most efficient way. We will allow homeowners and shelter users to tap into the huge market, where users can define their own temporary shelters based on the cost of their trip. We will integrate blockchain technology with AI algorithm, which will generate the proper match between the owner and the corresponding short-term. Long term tenants, with minimal transaction costs, will design the platform with the token as a means of payment, in this way we will ensure that any users or occupants will also benefit.
The main goal of CryptoBnB is to create opportunities of disputes as much as possible. However, the disagreement is inevitable, so we’ve made it the center of the resolution of the Arbitration. Most arbitration cases are divided into two main categories: major and minor.
The case of the arbitration case is Minor: minor arising mainly from tourists who damage property or hosts that make false statements. Request our mobile DApp take pictures with time stamp before handing over the property. Photos of completed 80percent of the problem. If a small arbitration does not resolve the problem, it continues to the next level of arbitration.
Major cases: in case the primary system, arbitration resolution decentralized and democratize. The process here is a brief summary of the dispute resolution process:
Party to the dispute of the dispute in this case enhance small to large disputes at.
Both sides pay the arbitration, but the losing side ended up paying all costs.
The system of selecting jurors randomly travelers and hosts.
The facts of the case presented to them, and they voted on a resolution to the dispute.
The settlement is based on the most votes.
The jury paid from fees of the arbitration.
Hosts and travelers receive a valuation.
Strategy and business plan
Strategy and route to market:

CryptoBnB has two strategies related to the maturity of the project.
For ICO: CryptoBnB will allocate 15 percent in tokennya to the escrow account which will give the prize to all host and service providers listed on AirBnB. The list will depend on the ranking with good attitude.
The rest of the token is given to the host and service providers is based on the ranking and voting system.
ICO: post route to market strategy will target five major cities in the next two to three years. The first year after launch will focus on all the problems of growing up in one city and then progressed to four other cities.
Business plans and cash flow Projections:
The projection was made to target 1%-2% of the total volume of the market in two and three years. It is estimated that total short-term rental market was $100 billion with a growth of 12%-15% from year to year
Token Specifications:
Total CKey Token 1 billion
1 Key = $0.08
Bonus Token on Sched Published
HardCap was $15.2 million
At least $5 million
The minimum Purchase is $75 (0.1 ETH)
CKey token is ERC20
Wallet participants must be compatible with the ETH ERC20
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