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Crypto Market Cloud company that is clear and has a vision of a product that would like developed, how to apply and create genuine transparency, usability, and fair business practice. Crypto Cloud Market have become products that are developed and function i.e., ICO us crypto, crypto, directions, blockchain and hosting platform. Now we are building a complete product. Our own Crypto exchanges, which will only accept and focus on the creation of the token and the token lists for security and equity.

Features Crypto Cloud Market
3 main products:
C-Chain (Blockchain): a unique Protocol, gave gifts to the Holder a 5% stake in each company and our ecosystem of 20% of the cost of the network
C-Chain (Crypto Exchange Currency): giving investors and companies with a good exchange and charge the company will receive a guarantee of release if a part of the whole package of ecosystems
C-Chain (Release Platform ICO/STO): all of the services entering the place, fundraising, banners, advertisements, ratings, investors. And the prices are more competitive for the company
Our Mission
Creates its own ecosystem, where investors are protected and benefited from any services CMC and companies have all services in one place, ranging from manufacture tokens, ICO/STO platform release and launch in our exchanges.
Crypto Market Cloud has been a product developed and active. Crypto Market Cloud CMC’s team is attempting to build a fully-closed ecosystem. The platform’s electronic cash exchange will only accept and focus on creating and listing token for the security and equity token.
You can start by creating a security token or its equity on the blockchain platform of the platform. Each time the message code generated a total of 5% will be reserved for the original CMC token owner. Later, STO your will be listed on the cloud money market platform to raise funds. In this cycle, the platform will promote your STO to all subscribers with the assistance of all communication channels. Once you have successfully executed with the capital ring, the secured swap list will appear on the original electronic exchange.
How it works?
Crypto Market Cloud is built upon the advantages of ICO to create an ecosystem that will bring the next major change in the global capital market. CMC will allow the allocation of money-seed investments by applying the unique capabilities of blockchain technology and also by providing a legitimate way to purchase security token. The token of the existing property, generating a total of 5% will be reserved to the owner of the original CMC token with the revenue flow or other hybrid security notices codes.
Token Details
We currently use the token with the standard ERC 20 has been made with the network the Ethereum has the ability and compatibility to do what every other token ERC 20. Our token has been fully verified and approved by

Token Name: CMC
Platform: Ethereum (ETH)
Types Of Tokens: ERC20
A total of 120 million Token: CMC
Price: 1 Token CMC = 0.6 USD
Smart Contract: 0xb4a525631fb867ce79e6dd07b86b9a098501acd5
Private Sale: Finished
The beginning of ICO: 20-12-2018
The end of ICO: 15-1-2019

Crypto Cloud Market Ecosystem
In our Blockchain, each token that is created with a total of 5% will be provided to the holder of the token CMC (Holders). The funds we get during the cycle, we’ll promote you to STO and our customers. After the completion of the fundraising, list of currency exchange will follow our Cryptocurrency of the original.
Final thoughts:
Crypto Market Cloud Therefore, from the above discussion, it is possible to conclude that CMC is the first self-contained system. In fact, it is the only independent system known to us. This platform is one of them. For more, you can go through the whitepaper of the project.

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