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Crypto Circle x – It is a virtual computer shell shared by several Parties to provide monitoring of the exchange. Or what they say is the essence of virtual currencies such as Bitcoin. The block chain is a digital data storage and transmission technology that works as a decentralized registry of data that is known to be inviolable. For example, for banks, the specific applications of “Blockchain” are numerous: for banks, it reduces operating costs, faster and safer transactions. The flurry of Blockchain projects reflects the attention given by major financial institutions and Silicon Valley giants to technology. Blockchain remains in its infancy: Many experts and supporters of this solution are developing fantastic opportunities, but the specific applications that are already in use are still very rare. Doubts about the vulnerabilities of the system appeared relatively recently after the hackers stole more than 50 million dollars in cryptocurrency from the decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) Foundation.

The biggest burglary in the history of cryptocurrency was the robbery MT Gox, which robbed users of over 750 000 BTC, causing a sharp fall in the price of BTC, which affected the entire industry. Needless to say, any future exchange should learn from these lessons of history and provide its clients with services they can trust! Today there are several stock exchanges based on the blockchain, but few really are customer oriented. Cryptocirclex offers a unique product! The team tests the solution for cross-border transmission, including a foreign currency transaction based on the blockchain.

Based on years of experience cryptocurrency operations, Crypto Circle X uses advanced algorithms that allow a whopping 10 million TPS (transactions per second). Customers can also use A. I., automated trading Services technical analysis tools, and many other features that will work after the project is started. Access to this platform is facilitated by a convenient application that also has a mobile extension. Current large crypto exchanges have issued their tokens to support the growth of their business.

Binance, for example, has released its token BNB, an asset that has valued over 7000% since it is the ICO price regardless of the current trend of the bear market. Crypto Circle X will also release its own token in the form of CCX, so stick to it if you want to learn how to get it in these early stages!

Customer experience is the first one that focuses on security and scalability!

If you decide to trade cryptography on the crypto Circle X platform, your security is ensured by the advanced AES 256 encryption algorithm, which stores all sensitive data and passwords in a way that is protected from unauthorized access. The platform also uses CloudFlare services to protect against infamous DDoS attacks. Clients can also activate 2FA authorization for a higher level of account security. All data processing services comply with GDPR, which guarantees safe and regulated storage of personal data.

The basic mechanics of exchange are developed in Golang, a reliable programming language developed by Google, which provides a colossal delay of 40 nanoseconds. As Kriptosfera is still completely new, many new exchanges tend to market manipulation techniques, such as pumping and dumping groups and other malicious actors who want to receive a truly free market.

Crypto Circle X has an advanced market monitoring system that continually scans the ecosystem for unusual activity that can lead to manipulation. The system is fully compatible with the regulations in the EU market so that customers can be assured of the safety of their funds. That being said, if you want to participate in the current private sale of CCX, which runs until September 17, you will receive a 15% bonus for your invested funds. The total tokens available 223 million. The team hopes to raise $3 million as a soft cover and 20 million as a tight lid, a perfectly reasonable amount of money needed to sustain such an enterprise!

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