CRYPTF Cryptocurrency Backed By Stocks And Bond

CryptF creates a new set of cryptocoins, was first supported by the stocks and bonds. We present an opportunity for all social classes to participate in the global financial market. Past the limitations of geographical trading, the need for a bank account, and a costly middle-men.

The concept is I will explain below
We create the opportunity for every crypto holders to invest in corporate stocks and bonds in developing countries. CryptF cryptocoins is a product of collective-based instruments/investment blockchain. The coins will be traded on exchanges such as Crypto and crypto coins available for anyone to buy. What makes CryptF unique coin is a reliable support stock and bond with blue-chip. The price of coins with a value of hard-wired securities market related at the moment. Coin CryptF lets you invest into a market segment, which is indicated by a set of derivative fixed coins associated with it. The investment portfolio managed by the CryptF so that the whole experience completely hassle free for holders of the coins.

The risk that we will be able to
Cryptocoins we are hard-wired to the price of the stock indexes and, therefore, the price of the coins will be correlated with it. While the price can go down in the short term, the general consensus between investors is a stable long-term growth. The results of the average American stock markets around 6-7% per annum. Effect of compound growth can be expected to multiply your capital in 11-12 years. If you buy coins CFIT, you will be investing in the most reliable company in this segment. This includes the stock of Apple (AAPL) which has been invested by the biggest players in the market such as Warren Buffet, George Soros and David Einhorn. They rely on steady growth and predictable that does not correspond to a very Ethereal and Bitcoin volatile.

Participating in the ICO for the intelligent investor
1. we create a product that is easy to understand so that allows you to invest a crypto to financial instruments that are reliable and profitable.
You will be able to invest cryptocurrency by purchasing one of the three coins CryptF. Additional Cryptocoins will give you access to the new shares and bonds as we expand.
2. increased Investment across the ICO will accelerate the launch of the project at the same time providing strategic marketing that are necessary for the growth of coins quickly. The growing number of coins will directly translate into revenue growth.
The Fund financed should be used to create infrastructure, product development, organization of trade exchange crypto, and support liquidity of coins.
3.40% corporate profit will be distributed proportionally between the holder of a token every three months.
The company’s revenue comprises income from Commission-based transaction purchase/sale of coins and coin for the services of the Commission and support

About token
We emit the token CPTF. Tokens don’t expire and allow the owner to take part in the quarterly distribution of income. Earnings per token should be transferred to the ETH use smart contracts CPTF.

Once complete, the ICO token crypto can be traded on exchanges. The token is not sold must be discarded
The Name Token CPTF
The total Issue Volume of 90 million token is the total volume of issue
Soft Cap 150.000 USD (ETH 500) is the minimum amount needed to continue the project
Whether The Token Is Set? Yes, the token is not sold is disposed
The initial price of the ETH 0.001 per token
The distribution of 70% Token token is available for sale for ICO, the company’s reserves is 21%, 9% is the team pool
ICOPenjualan CRFT token phase is underway in 4 stages: pre-ICO, the first round of ICO, ICO-2nd round and the final round of the ICO. Volumes of Token is extremely limited for sustaining a healthy income for any holder of a token and ensure valuable fixed token Exchange CPTF crypto. It should be noted that whenever pre-ICO before it starts or between rounds of investment you can order the desired number of token using the function “Backup tokens” in your account on the website. Reservation is pronounced given an extra 5% bonus! The process of ICOPre-ICO started on 13 December. Funds can be transferred in the BTC, BCC (Bitcoin Cash) or ETH. The address for the transaction will be published on this website. If you are using a non-ETH cryptocurrency, need to create an account to give authorization for the transaction and address the address of the Ethereum to accept token CPTF . You do not need to make a purchase with the Ethereal, because the token CRFT will be sent automatically to the address of payee Ethereal.

The road map
February early ideas, brainstorming, research.
March-April the first prototype. Hopefully further research and working on the details of its implementation.
June Work on the website began. The marketing plan. ICODesain technical plan July Plaform. Development platform started.
August-September Expansion team (developers, designers, marketing). Bounty program Launch personal web site.
October-November the public launch Announcement ICO Development platform that is running.
December Pre-ICO.
January 1st round of ICO.
ICO February Round 2.
March 3rd round of ICO. Merger law. Trading account Floating CryptF token (CPTF) in crypto exchanges. Trading platform from private beta coins.
The April launch of a CFIT carriers. Starting coins trading at web sites and exchange of crypto. Best wishes for the launch of the coins CFBND and CFGM.
Financial Statement Of June. Distribution of profit for Q1 2018 between the holder of the token.
July analysis and launch the new coins, backed by stocks and bonds perform well. The August launch of Smart Shares Coin (SSC) (concept phase in the month of Sep-October 2017). Bonus program for coin holder.


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