Crypterium – Digital Cryptobank with Credit Token & Open Platform

Crypterium Talk about the bank as well as talk about money. Money in everyday life is something that is very important as one of the tools used in the transaction to meet the necessities of life.
I think we all agree that the meaning of the bank is the place to save money or save money, and also a place to borrow money. In theory, the Bank is an institution that acts as a financial intermediary between parties who have excess funds and parties who need funding, as well as an institution that serves to smoothen traffic payment.
Cryptobanks will be a cornerstone in the relationship between decentralized economy and daily life in the future by expanding the infrastructure payments, making the scenario of new payment and lower interest rates.

Over the last decade has occurred an explosion of digital payment request will be without money. Global transaction volume grew by 11.2% for 2014 – 2015 reached 433 billion, partly driven by Emerging Asia. Kriptoekonomi and in particular the crypto is growing at a phenomenal rate. The year 2020 is estimated to be crypto-economy will exceed three trillion dollars and in 2022 could be equal to 10% of the GDP of the world.

Crypterium solve this problem with the launch of its global banking transaction processing platform dubbed ‘ Cryptobank 2.0 ‘. For addressing this, diciptakanlah a blockchain-based Platform that is named Crypterium. The main goal of Crypterium is to create and maintain a bridge between kriptoekonomi and world capital that exists with form cryptobank which will soon replace the need in financial institutions today.

What is a Crypterium?
Crypterium Cryptobank will be the first step in fulfilling the request above. It will be available for download through the IOS or android market and is ready to use on a mobile device. The goal of Crypterium is to provide an integrated complete vertical service which includes the best ideas from around the community of fans of the best blockchain in the world.

Unlike conventional mobile banks that takes weeks to process and publish the card, Crypterium Cryptobank provides instant processing engine for fiat-based currency transactions and Crypto while allowing any changes between the two. With the bank’s digital Crypterium can finally use the crypto to pay fiat-based infinity goods transactions and with low commissions on 42 million payment terminals that exist in the world and many internet stores and point of payment.
Crypterium technology platform is based on algorithms that allow the most efficient offer offer offer across the current peer-to-peer networks are natural as well as third-party Crypto exchanges. This will soon be followed by various free banking services ranging from simple Peer to Peer payments until loans are supported Cryptocurrency.

1.Mobile Cryptobank

  • Payments are instant rekurensi in crypto 42 million a store without limits
  • Cashback and loyalty program
  • Payments without contact via NFC, QR, ApplePay, AndroidPay

2. Cryptocurrency Acquiring

  • olutions for every area of retail trade and services
  • Native integration with POS software

3.OpenAPI Platform

    • Appstore for software cryptographic secrets and solutions
    • Have a decentralized server infrastructure
    • Third-party integration — easily!

4. Loan-based blockchain

    • Instant loans anywhere in the world
    • The combination of the current ratings system and smart contracts
    • Onsite customized for luqidity and lower the risk of
    • Crypterium OpenAPI — banking Platform that allows solution developers to decentralized economy

The modular structure allows an easy implementation for different software
Payment and processing technologies are sophisticated, well tuned from more than 3 years testing development
Unified solution for retail kriptocurrency the AppStore with Crypterium spectators ‘ Sandbox ‘ for early stage development and debugging software
The opportunity to deploy software and services developed at the Crypterium decentralized server infrastructure

ICO Crypterium (offer scratch coin) will begin on October 31, 2017 and will provide a unique investment opportunity for those who are convinced of that project. I would take it very near the Crypterium.

  • Cost of 1 token CRPT: 0.0001 BTC
  • The sales term tokens: 75 days with the possibility of automatic early settlement in pursuit of the ultimate purpose of ICO
  • The purpose of the expanded after the beginning of ICO: Impossible
  • The technical limitations of the number of tokens: 300 million
  • Emissions that can be customized: all tokens that are not sold and not filled in will be destroyed and the release of additional tokens will not be possible.
    Safe way to buy tokens: Bitcoin (ТCC), Wireshark (ETH), payment of the fiat
  • Hardcap: $47 000 000 USD

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