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Cryptassist – The blockchain is a technology with a great future, which simplifies, speeds up and makes banking processes transparent and safe. Of course, not all aspects of this technology and the crypto t investigated fully. For example, experts often criticized crypto, such as in the bitcoin difficulty understanding and that it can be used wrongly and suspicious transactions. At best, they are highly speculative investment instruments, in the worst case they let you finance terrorism, facilitate money laundering etc. blockchain Technology can create new and promising opportunities for the banking sector and various technology sectors. Of course, banks are interested in commercial relations with companies from the world of crypto and blockchain technologies but is now reluctant to codeshare agreements due to restrictions in many States. In many countries, it is forbidden to open a business current accounts because of the risks such as fraud and money laundering.

Except to the extent prohibited by the authorities, users also faced constant hacker attacks on the Exchange, wallets or money changers. Hacker is always aware of the amount of income that can get creating and applying their own malware. Most of the attacks are linked in a sequence, in which each step must be attributed to the previous.
Remember about phishing sites or banking Trojans, infected, the user must log in to your online banking or your crypto waist, entering username/password or private-key if your device is “on hook”, this information instantly falls into the wrong hands.

Personally, when only became acquainted with world crypto and blockchain technologies, faced with lots of problems and issues. For myself I identified several significant shortcomings of these technologies:
 the number and variety of tokens (takes a lot of time researching coins, its technology and the adoption of the decision to invest or not);
 purchase crypto for ordinary money takes a lot of time and money changers to sell on the rate;
 many exchanges with their own rules and verification process;
 every year load on blockchain network grows from it suffers translation speed.
 hackers, scammers is just additional risks when working with crypto.
 But I recently met with the project Cryptassist, which can easily solve all existing problems.

Cryptassist will become the leading mobile applications on a global scale, in which all users of crypto experts, developers, investors will be able to get access to a huge volume of information to stay up to date with everything that is happening in the world crypto. The project team creates a decentralized multifunctional platform which will help many people in the development of the crypto market, the use of crypto in everyday life, will keep users up to date with all the latest news and events and much more! Let me give you an example of just some of the features of the platform:

1. Own debit card platform, thanks to it you can store up to 50 cryptos and have easy access to it. Make online and offline purchases using their coins, all transactions are automatically converted from crypto in the usual money no more exchangers and fees;
2.3500 transactions per second-that are how much will give us a platform Cryptassist. Over the past few days (30.06-03.07)  with severe congestion and High Commission networks Bitcoin Ethereum;
4. Using the games Crypto got, newcomers can quickly sort out all issues of crypto peace and blockchain technology, it can collect a lot of tokens by performing various missions with elements of augmented virtual reality;
7. social trading network Cryptassist ChatPay, which will show the nearest to you sellers anonymously purchase products and service can help you make friends from the crypto community;
9. Monitor all transactions of different blockchain networks in one place-Block MultiCoin Explorer;
11. Crypt started-can helps you to participate in early startups. Easy, safe downtime

Cryptassist  And this is not all the features of this amazing platform. The team is going to take into account all the shortcomings of the existing platforms that are somehow connected with the industry crypto. Project founder Henri Fostering-people with extensive experience in business development, marketing, and communications. In the past, has already implemented a dozen projects that became quite successful and yielded a regular income of its members.

As you know, I see only interesting and prospective projects. I advise you to take a closer look at it. Fresh idea, a good approach, strong team-everyone is talking about the seriousness of the project.

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