CryptalDash The World’s First Integrated Cryptocurrency Exchange

CryptalDash The development of crypto industry, despite constant restrictions from the power structures of some countries, is inevitable. Blockchain technology provides great opportunities for fast and transparent implementation of new projects that improve the activities of each person.
But to do business with cryptocurrency new projects, investors, simple fans is not so simple. There are no simple, clear ways to quickly conduct financial transactions with cryptocurrency, fiat money, invest, trading on Kriptobirzhah.

A particularly weak link in the world cryptocurrency-exchanges on trade cryptocurrency and exchange offices. There is no convenient single platform, where any user could get all services on the inexpensive exchange of various currencies, Kriptoaktivov, trade or invest in projects. At present, there are many different exchanges, with their pros and cons. Numerous assets for trade are scattered on these exchanges, which forces market participants to constantly move, which causes irritation. In addition, such activities on the Internet attracts the attention of fraudsters.
Our conversation-a new project Cryptaldash, which offered the creation of a single universal platform for all the participants of cryptography.
The new platform aims to create a simple way for traders to access through the script to a large set of different exchanges and exchanges.

Cryptaldash Project Details
Cryptaldash is a reliable crypto and trading platform equipped with a mechanism of comparison of the institutional level and third-party KRIPTOOBMENNYH devices. All actions of participants are made on a single panel of the platform that provides simplicity, safety trading.

CryptalDash CRD is presented as a single-access platform that allows traders to have the opportunity to operate their finances at once in many exchanges around the world. By providing internal financing and settlement capabilities, the Cryptal Dash platform will provide unobstructed access to multiple exchanges and speed up instant execution on different global platforms.

The overall goal of the Cryptal Dash platform is to make the crypto market more compact, create a more efficient environment with simple functionality.
CryptalDash developers have already created the MVP and prototype platform, which is ready to integrate with a number of existing stock exchanges and will soon launch a third-party API script to integrate smart contracts.

The Cryptal Dash platform will work on the basis of a community of stakeholders and will use its own cryptographic token called CRD, which will be available for purchase in the upcoming ICO cryptal Dash.

Trading and Exchange services on the Cryptal Dash platform are paid in the amount of 0.15% for each trading transaction. Premium services, such as promotional applications for robots and direct loans and loans, will also be available after launch.

The Crystal Dash platform has an open API and is supported by an innovative digital signature methodology that provides authentication and identity protection.

Cryptaldash technology will be available as a cross-platform and multilevel application. On IOS and Android will be available downloadable application, as well as desktop and tablet.
Will introduce new technologies for identification, smart contracts, artificial intelligence.
At the present time, Cryptaldash is built on a strongly centralized architecture with a reliable mechanism of coordination.

The future of Cryptaldash technology is based on these basic components:
• Authentication technology based on the blockchain chain.
• Smart contracts based on cryptocurrency Jefirium.
• The technology of artificial intelligence, which will enable and make decisions by the robot
• API access to technologies.

Prospects of the Cryptaldash project
In line with the plans and the framework of the project, many tools and services have been created to fill the shortcomings of the majority of the exchanges.
Additional services are listed below:
➥ Retail Web Interface
End Cryptaldash provides a dedicated web interface for trading or a mobile interface. User Experience offers a retail trader a secure trading scheme without compromising the intuitiveness of the trading platform.
The multilingual, highly customizable project interface is built on the latest HTML5/JavaScript technology and supports real-time data updates and notifications.
➥ unique access based on institutional access: The Two worlds One Solution Project approach
One of the major challenges faced by new Kriptorynki is the inability to force multiple software vendors to make investments to connect to a shared or exchange. In the project, Cryptaldash has already created several connections to major software vendors. This will allow you to quickly create a universal platform for many participants.
➥ Program Compatibility
The program code of the platform gives more than 150000 orders per second; Commands are built on maximum performance in C + +
➥ support various crypto coins

Selling tokens, holding ICO
Users of CryptalDash platform will be able to pay for operations and services using their own cryptal dash token, access to artificial intelligence,
Supporting trade through platforms and exchanges.
Currently, the Cryptal Dash platform has access to Poloniex, Gdax, Gemini, Bitfinex, Bittrex and Kraken. Live connections are available for Bloomberg, CQC, InterTrade, Sungard and MetaTrader.
Token holders will be able to use CRD to pay for the services provided by Cryptaldash.

Name: Cryptaldash
Symbol: CRD
Total volume of delivery: 1 000 000 000
Chain chain used: ETH
Minimum issue: 180 000 000 CRD
Maximum issue: 780 000 000 CRD
ICO Price for token: 0.02 US Dollar
Starting bonus: 50%
Payment Methods for ICO: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cash, Ripple, Dash, Litecoin, Monero, NEO, IOTA, NEM, Qtum, Ethereum Classic

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