CrypKart – is a versatile solution for all your crypto-needs. Although we start with P2P Fiat/Crypto, we will soon have other currencies and exchange types. At P2P Exchange, people from different countries can exchange their local currency for Bitcoin (and another cryptocurrency). The site allows users to advertise in which they specify the exchange rate and payment methods for the purchase or sale of cryptocurrency. You answer these announcements and agree to meet a person to buy cryptocurrency in cash or to trade directly with online banking.

Crypkart Benefits
The use of techniques to assemble the platform with architecture is very strong reliable fixation and speed in use-designed by the architect, high technology Bank of the ex-USA, with the application of the latest technology stack, ensuring optimum Use and security of the customer’s account.
Provide high security, good resistance to the kind of network attack type DDoS, full data encryption, and often applied technology, the firewall layered can manage multiple data centers to provide redundancy and advanced tracking algorithm to monitor the exchange activity and closed the attack.
Customer support is the best way, all disputes will be present within 12 hours and can eliminate within 24 hours chat support depending on the community and direct support through dialogue.

Crypkart Floor has a huge policy on a specific route and details before the 2019 year, registered in Europe (Estonia) and supported by a group of legal and accounting powerful.
Use BI tools (business intelligence), CrypKart maximum support to help traders easily manage assets and make deals on the platform.
Have your own policy aimed at many different clients to serve the maximum and most effective: All processes take customers as a center, support the construction team to execute the transaction, and entrust a safe transaction to Investor does not have much time.
The design is suitable for all traders do not have or had no experience with a currency pair commonly used and popular.
What crypto coins does Crypkart support?

Become the first choice for traders around the world to trade cryptocurrency
To instill and implement cryptocurrency trading as a viable and full-time business for all.
Build a better ecosystem and IT system to support traders and the eco-system of Cryptotrading

With a focus on the community, we are dynamic and constantly evolving and want to bring the exchange of cryptocurrency and economy to every city in the world. We believe that cryptocurrency is a change in the financial game. This will contribute to a higher level of well-being, especially in developing countries.

The Crypkart exchange is a building with the newest and safest school stop to ensure the security of speed and confidence. CrypKart Our peering engine is reasonably reasonable and works in favor of traders. Since our main team consists of many experienced traders-we choose options that were missing at a number of the highest exchanges. Below are the options of the area unit directly from the list of traders.

ICO model and distribution

Price Crypkoin: $0.1 per token
ICO offer: $0.05 per token effective after bonus
Valid for 1 million tokens only.
Team technique: 3%
Marketing Team: 2%
Founders: 40% ICO: 5%
Airdrop & bounties: 5%
For sale to traders: 45%
The trader saves money by paying in Crypkoins. Crypkoins can only be purchased from our website. We plan to sell each  at a rate of $0.1

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