COVEX The Next Generation All In One Digital Trading Platform

CoVEX is a one-stop trading platform for Exchange, Social Cryptocurrency Trading, Margin Trading, P2P Lending Loan &, prepaid cards, Payment Gateway Services and Underwriting ICO. Contract intelligent CoVEX is based on the ERC223 of the next generation, where traders can trade and Exchange cryptocurrency, copy trade skills and compete with individual trade groups for their investment. In other words, we take social commerce/copy, trade margin, and payment gateway in a transparent way, very safe and reliable. CoVEX sign-to is implemented on the Ethereum Blockchain under the standard ERC223-will act as producers of digital currency. This will allow the holder of the token to receive income in the form of transaction fees.

They also have a lot of services and products in the pipeline, such as P2P lending, Technology Incubators, ICO Underwritings, and payment gateway. Bonus invitations, high-performance engines, tools of the trade are very good, stable financial security, and customer service 24/7 are some of the many quality platforms.

Pre ICO will start from May 12, 2018, and CoVEX Token 3 million will be sold. ICO will first be started on July 7, 2018, and 81250000 Tokens will be available for sale. The ICO will commence on 1 January 2018 and continued until 30 September 2018.

55% of the funds will be used for the development of the protocol software & while 25% of the funds will be used for branding & ads. This team is a blend of talented professionals who have years of experience in the startup and development of technology.

In platform CoVEX, traders not only exchanging their ideas but shares cryptocurrency, copy trade skills and compete with others in the network exchanges CoVEX. We believe that social aspects between merchants and information sharing are not priceless. CoVEX hybrid trading platform to provide traders with the tools of the trade are very good, warning of volatility, market updates, latest news, and a dedicated customer support team.

 Financial security
 Some support Cryptocurrency
 Security system
 High-Performance Engine
 a unique Facility for students to export
 Financial Stability Level
 Daily Bonus is split between the holder of a CoVeX
 Bonus Invitations
 Copy of trade
 Provide online customer service 24/7
our Ministry
 Crypto Platform Cross-border Exchange: we will create opportunities for traders and investors to buy, sell, and swap their favorite cryptocurrency with current pricing and set at a low cost.
 Social Commerce Platform: our Platform will allow users to manage their funds and their token to copy-trade from top merchants and traders top can share their trading experience with new users that help investors to learn more about the market. This platform is transparency and security will be improved, giving users full control over their trade and investment funds.
 Trade Margins across borders: our Platform will enable traders to borrow or lend the token for trade margins.
 Payment Gateway CoVEX: our Payment Gateway will allow our users to Transact easily between fiat currency and cryptos in the future like USD, GBP and EUR. In the future, the wallet will be equipped with a prepaid card or credit card that will allow users to access their funds quickly.
 P2P lending services: CoVEX will implement a platform that allows lenders to lend to borrowers based on credit decision of the selected package. This will be determined by algorithm of ML rate recommended fraud, identity, and other credit rating agencies.

Sale Token
The currency is the Token CoVEX & Cryptocurrency Funding Costs.
Starting May 12, 2018
End of June 8, 2018
Number of tokens: 3 million
1 ETH = 3000 CoVEX

1st ICO
Starting July 7, 2018
End of August 3rd, 2018
Number of tokens: 81250000
1 ETH = 2000 CoVEX

Started September 1, 2018
End September 30, 2018
Number of tokens: 81250000
1 ETH = 1000 CoVEX

Businesses thrive if implementation plans it is true. And, the products according to the market. Innovators look to the future and create solutions that will last. It is a combination of the right opportunity and the right skills that produce amazing results. People who learn the art of survival are the ones who know the art of winning. Cryptocurrency is one of the tools that arrive at the right time for people and businesses.

Not striking for the large population in the early days, now offer billions of dollars of market capitalization in different altcoin which launched quickly on the open market. Centralized institutions are challenged by rapid progress in decentralized technology, which continues to be developed for greater efficiency and transparency. Blockchain technology is the future of application development that is decentralized. According to you, what can we create the right technology?

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