COPYTRACK is an online platform that is fair to the Publisher, photographer, picture Agency, and e-commerce vendors. We stand to make an equitable wealth management and intellectual property on the internet. COPYTRACK currently offers 4 main services. The service is free for anyone to use. We strive for a fair solution between holders of rights and violators of the law. First, we must understand, in part, the nature of copyright and how violations can occur.

As we all know, the picture is copied and illegally distributed multiple times per day. These photos were stolen from the creator of them many times, who experienced great financial losses because of copyright enforcement systems at this time.

In the current system, copyright infringement is difficult and is often regarded as a trivial offence. There is still a legal risk for the holder of the rights, other than the time it takes to detect violations and take action against it.

Thus, our services are outlined as follows:
Post license in more than 140 countries
Legal advice by qualified lawyers
“One click” case management
Personal customer service

The Mission Of The Project Co.
COPYTRACK will set the precedent for a list of global, transparent and decentralized to copyrighted digital content. At the same time, COPYTRACK will apply the first use case for great book that decentralized: The Global Copyright Register for Images. This will be followed by a market for digital images and other external business models that are free to interact with the large book open.

Features Of The Platform, Owned By Copytrack
Our initial vision of registration for future decentralized content consists of 4 parts: the decentralized use of IPFS file storage, metadata, an identity that continues well for artists and fans, and licensing solutions and the payment is fully functional.

The Decentralized file storage-file storage systems are decentralized and distributed data allows excessive tolerant of errors, hardiness, censorship-resistant, and independent because of the incentive systems in it. Technologies such as file system Inter-Planetary (IPFS) and network using Swarm peerto-peer to send information, thus eliminating the need for centralized databases of fragile and of centralized service providers at this time. Data can be addressed so that the content can be taken using a cryptographic hash of the data itself and not the location of the particular entity’s servers, which leads to a quick and proven solutions in the future.

Metadata-Constellation-a Database of global rights holders and their works allows service providers to more easily licensing the work for a variety of use cases. To do this, it takes the standard metadata that is easy to read and can be read by a machine. Constellate combines collaborative COALA IP specification, extended to interact with ontology Ethereum (EthOn).

The identity of the constant-uPort-Artists spend many years to perform their creative effort, and fans spent the same time to confine their collection. In the digital age, the service could be shut down and take it all. Decentralized network to manage a content control is very useful for fans and artists. Artists no longer need to worry about losing control of their content, and fans will not lose access to material they have purchased.

Licensing + Payment-CPY CPY-Token-token will be the original on our blockchain platform, and one of use is for payment in the system of licensing is flexible and modular. This allows automatic payments to the holders of rights based on a license that they design themselves in a friendly interface and easy to use. Blockchain contract interface and the underlying smart contract can be extended to incorporate a variety of additional functions such as contract pricing program variables, and routing the payment.

COPYTRACK has developed a process of beginning-to-end to enforcement of copyright, after the holder of the right has identified the use of their images are not licensed. The whole process is highly automated, requires only manual on valuation of nearly 50 stages. The following diagram illustrates the process for our customers.

This mechanism can be divided into 3 simple steps:
1. Upload pictures
Upload images directly or via API
Create a collection and select categories
The crawl process begins automatically and continue to run
2. pick Hits
Mark illegal images between search results
Filter images that are already licensed
The option to include the entire domain as a whole or one click
3. Lean
Set the royalty fee
Submit the case and the process of post license beginning
We take care of the rest

Automated enforcement in four steps:
Post-Licensing-first, potentially violating parties automatically receive a letter explaining that COPYTRACK find the use of the image of the client in their website requesting they provide proof of license.
Collection of Commercial-friendly license post Deals now turns to damage, and the amount of claims almost doubled because of the nature of the damage. Those who violated will receive an invoice that will be imposed by the collection process. If this does not succeed, the case continues to step 3 and submitted it to the legal department.
The letter of the law-legal Department distributes the case to law partners in each country, which will write a letter to the legal party which violates. If there is no reaction or your opponent refuses, the case was taken to step 4.
Law enforcement-our attorneys file charges in court and will enforce its rights

Sale Token
Schedule Token Sales December 10, 2017-10 February 2018
The Purchase Token Ethereum
The price of a Token 740 CPY/1 ETH
The total supply of 100 million Token CPY

JUSTUS KRAPP-Head of Software Development
PHILIPP TESKE-Team Lead, Customer Service
JONATHAN APPLEBY-Community Manager (UK/US)
GEORGE PETER-Senior Software Developer
MARY EISING-Team Lead, Content Marketing
CAROLA BRIESE-Image Agencies and publishers
SOPHIE DAHMEN-Team Lead, Legal Research
LIGIA BOUERES-Case Management
FABIAN STACHOWIAK-Controlling & Business Intelligence
JANNIS GROH-Team Lead, Online Marketing
PHILIP REICHEL-Team Lead, Legal Collection

DANIEL EIBA-Advisor Business Model, Marketing & Sales
SEBASTIAN MANNSFELD-Advisor Intl. Finance & Tax
NORIAKI OKUBO-Advisor Investments & Investors
AARON KOENIG-Advisor Cryptocurrency
KEN SHISHIDO-Advisor Cryptocurrency

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