CONNECTIUS- SaaS-solution for Existing E-commerce And Digital Marketplaces Based On Blockchain Technology

CONNECTIUS is blockchain as a service (BaaS) solution that can be easily integrated into existing e-commerce. The main objective of this project is to help all the ecommerce store save the money they lost due to fraudulent transactions. Our service allows all your e-commerce store to deal with their consumers using smart contracts, which help stores reduce cheating and so that transactions become more secure for consumers. Every e-commerce can reduce the cost of goods/services to consumers and become more competitive in the market by reducing the costs associated with fraud. We created a universal system of discounts for e-commerce around the world and allows the user to make a purchase with the help of model Connectius.

Ecosystem Connectius
Project Connectius (hereinafter referred to Connectius Ecosystem) is composed of blockchain and smart-contracts, which is also used as a service solution for an existing platform that can be integrated into the sales platform or infrastructure services There is. Connectius also offers a set of ecosystem services, modules, algorithms, and fire ready to use ready to use for the creation of new projects.

Access to the Connectius Ecosystem will be free. A unique token to be used as a means of exchange of the combined platform and will be released in the initial bidding procedures. The token will operate as payment for Ecosystem services, and also for services within the limits of all service applications.

Connectius. Experts will be launched as a service application proof-of-concept. Connectius. Experts is a virtual service platform based on geolocalization technology and interactive map that allows sellers to find buyers, craftsmen or contractors for a variety of services. The applications will be fully built into the platform ecosystem. First, this will give you an example of the interaction between the platforms and third-party applications. Second, this application will function as business units, resulting in a profit.

Some concept of Connectius that could give an overview of benefits:
1. Services for everyone
here means that we can provide a service or services to whoever and wherever they are located, with payment by using the token as a means of payment, making it more efficient and also with the service is fast and efficient.
2. Service on the network
full service with services that provide benefits to the network, using the token as a means of payment, so as to facilitate or interaction will be better or more smoothly. and the network will be more stable
3. Service on Arbitrators
With a good reputation on the network and there is also a reliable consultant his making it easier for us on the designation or determination on each transaction either a sale or purchase transaction, with the support of a network of reliable and It is also efficient.

The Services Provided By Ecosystems
Connectius. Platform Core forms the base of the Connectius Ecosystem. The main task of this platform is to serve the application partners. The architecture of the platform will consist of the following modules:
API to interact with the platform
Database user accounts
Module to handle service request
Smart contracts and distributed register
Arbitrators and prophecies
Interactive map of geolocation and data processing
Support payment and transfer token

Token CNT
Connectius token is a token CNT. ERC20 format token will be used for the Connectious. Expert and in the overall framework for the Ecosystem:
The services provided by the Platform
Services provided in the application.
As the development of ecosystem evolves, platform Connectius. Core will handle more application partners

Activities Crowdsale Connectius:
Pre ICO activities will be held on 05 November 2017
ICO activities will be held on November 20, 2017
The name Token is the Token Connectius
Symbol CNT
1 CNT = $1
To purchase token can use the Ethereum
Total Token Supply is 31 million

Alex Alimov – Co-founder, CVO Serial entrepreneur, business architect
Vasily Kozlov – Founder, CEO Blockchain enthusiast, founder of several companies
Alex Nosikov – Co-founder, CAO Real estate investor, founder of several companies
Sergey Nosikov – Co-founder, CTO Telecom and IT expert with more, than 15 year of experience
Sergey Fefilov – Technical Expert AI and ERP integration adviser
Vlad Shchetinin – IR Expert & Adviser Blockhain enthusiast expert in blockchain marketing
Vladimir Stark – Head of Marketing and PR Department Founder of digital agency
Elena Chumachenko – Head of SMM online marketing expert
Olga Saprykina – Head of sales departament
Vladimir Petrov – Chief Software architect
Andrey Opritov – Chief Web-developer
Andrey Ursaev – Chief Backend developer
Andrey Savin – Chief Mobile developer


Nikolay Evdokimov – Strategic adviser
Katrina Arden – Legal adviser, Escrow
David Drake – Finance adviser
Val Graeve – Economic adviser


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