CoinPennant – Platform to manage, track and analyze Asset Crypto

Market cryptocurrency has grown in the extreme in recent years. There’s a lot of coin is available in the market and we can expect many more solutions blockchain and cryptocurrency of the underlying in the future. For investors and traders, the analysis of the market will be very complex and spend time. Make technical analysis for thousands of cryptocurrency it is not practically possible. Furthermore, investment in the world crytocurrency will be more difficult for ordinary investors and a decision that should be taken where the coin is going to be very complex.

CoinPennant present by giving solutions by offering a analytical systems cryptocurrency and social platform for investors, traders, and the Analyzer. The goal of this platform is to build a cooperative environment in which the stakeholders can decide investment or their trading opportunities based on the participants ‘ opinion and pattern along with the fact that is detected by the computer.


This platform consists of 3 main parts:

– Analysis of chart patterns

The platform will analyze cryptocurrencies and tell you if there is a chart pattern is detected.

– Trading indicators

You will receive information about the movement of the market (changes in volume, price changes in the larger market, etc.)

– A social Platform for traders and analyst

You will be able to cut other traders, or become the analyst and offers tipsmu to the others.

Goals and objectives

CoinPennant platform will introduce a social Web where traders and analyst will be able to collaborate more effectively. Based on subscriptions, the Analyzer will be able to provide the information and trading opportunities to traders. In addition, CoinPennant will work automatically and mengavaluasi chart patterns and trigger signals to the pelangganan.

CoinPennant objectives are:

  • Technical analysis – Work analyzing the technical basis to provide cryptocurrency predikasi-predictions about future value.
  • Basic social networking – a social networking will allow traders and investors to collaborate and identify the best investments.
  • Copy of trading – the user will be able to subscribe on a notification about a number of predictions and investment opportunities.
  • Marketplace – a subscription based business model will allow users to get the latest information on a number of selected cryptocurrency from the Analyzer and the results of technical analysis.
  • Subscriptions – introduction of new cryptocurrency to handle subscriptions-subscriptions.

To find out more about the project You can read CoinPennant whitepaper Whitepaper CoinPennant.


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  • Investment and trading like a professional, be smarter and learn more about trading and investing.


To participate at the ICO CoinPennant sell token token Sales. CPT will begin on November 17, 2017 at 14.00 UTC and beakhir on December 17, 2017 at 14.00 UTC.

Price: CPT 3000 to 1 ETH (the price is updated dynamically, depending on the price of ETH)
Currency which is admitted: ETH (Ethereum)


The sooner you participate, the more bonusmu.

Tokens will be distributed according the scale of bonuses progressive.

  • from 0 – 10% token sold you will get 15% bonus
  • from 10% – 20% token sold you will get 12.5% bonus
  • from 20% – 30% token sold you will receive a 10% bonus
  • than 30% – 40% sold tokens you will get 7.5% bonus
  • from 40%-50% token sold you will get 5% bonus
  • of 50%-60% sold tokens you will get 3.8% bonus
  • from 60% – 70% sold tokens you will get 2.5% bonus




The distribution of money

Revenues for the sale of tokens will be invested as follows:

  • 55% of the tokens that are created will be used for the operation of the platform CoinPennant for 1.5 years. This includes the development, administration, marketing, financial and legal consultancy, etc.
  • 11% will be used to develop a detailed business plan. This includes the strategic plan and support platform.
  • 10% will be distributed to the founder and the related development teams for their efforts, resources, and a huge contribution to the development of their technology.
  • 10% will be distributed for marketing, PR and bounty programs.
  • 9% will be distributed among the investors and early supporters.
  • 5% will be distributed among the analysts who first joined the platform.


Refer a friend and get a free CPT token. For every friend who joins, you will get 50% + 5 CPT token from the token CPT they buy, and they get an extra 15% bonus when buying a token CPT.

For a limited time, get a free 50 ÇPT token when you sign up at: COINPENNANT

In addition, you can also follow CoinPennant Bounty the following Program:

Duration: 6 weeks

The amount of the total pool of available is 2 500 000 token CPT. This means a total of 3% of the tokens that are sold or provided to the campaign bounty. After the end of the campaign the bounty, the token will be distributed to all participants.

Total Bounty Pool will be divided into:
1. Twitter Campaign 15%
2. 15% of the Facebook Campaign
3. the Reddit Campaign 10%
4. 20%
Translation 5 Campaign. 15% of Campaign Publications
6. 25% off Signature Campaign

See more details in the Bounty program in Bitcointalk thread link:

For more information about the project CoinPennant, you can contact some contacts below or read their whitepaper. The following details:

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