COINMETRO And FXPIG Are Leading That Change

COINMETRO Blockchain can link exchange that turned out to be more sophisticated in terms of results. Secure, straightforward, and quality have been connected with the blockchain in the various parts of the business. Lately, the blockchain is widely used as part of the Division of budget and setting the official Group consciously understood. Thus, the framework blockchain must be connected in a variety of business features.

CoinMetro has the best All In One to exchange coins crypto, with the goal of keeping the administration offered can meet the coin crypto client. This structure offers the administration an extraordinary CoinMetro for advanced resource with the conventional market. So the Administration’s progress can be felt directly by the client through the web application crypto coin yet so spellbinding, as it is now utilizing the framework blockchain. The Ministry offers Coin token to take advantage of Metro ERC20 Utility which can encourage the use of Web applications. This token is named Token COIN.

CoinMetro has a crossing over the dream setting crypto coins safely, help, easy and simple to use in an Exchange. In web applications, individuals who are in the conventional market can do business with an inventive settings of Tekonized asset management (TAM) and A Crypto Excgange Fund (ETCF). Speculation should be made possible in a web application can solve all with only one check only.

CoinMetro is now FXPIG and traders dressed Forek (FX), which is the administration of the money a staggering, experienced and reliable. The two henchmen were very strong in the work programme, for example, bought the coin CoinMetro can offset the cost of token COIN offset market. Working with FXPIG in stock trading, has been offering the spotlight, for example, gives the advantage of openings and awards in a transaction that could not be done by the other party.

All the administration offered CoinMetro can you feel and take advantage if you join and add it to the stage of the CoinMetro. Token COIN is the basic office administration system in CoinMetro. All administration of CoinMetro exist in the token COIN, with the goal of keeping all the client systems can feel it. You can buy a token COIN on the period prior to bidding and delivery date.

CoinMetro ecosystems would include the exchange of a fast and intuitive.
The trading platform offers feature-rich digital asset investment opportunities. Turnkey solution ICO Express. All services will be accessible via the web application UI with a sleek, fully integrated with the leading blockchain platform in the industry. CoinMetro will give the price of all services using the token ERC20 our own digital utility, called the COIN.

It is our vision that the newcomers against the digital economy will be able to start by buying their first Bitcoin instantly through our simple and supportive platform. Professional traders will enjoy an environment that is fast, secure, and very flexible which integrates features familiar to the ecosystem of our digital assets. CoinMetro will also offer the innovative investment models, such as Tokenized Management platform for Asset Management (TAM) and A Crypto-Exchange Fund (ETCF) aimed at giving users access to asset diversification options one click.

Ecosystem exchange one-of-a-kind that will drive future innovation blockchain
Buy/sell Crypto easily
Instant Withdrawal
Access to your money now, no agreement, no waiting. Instant access to cash from the balance of your Crypto. Easy, fast, and convenient. There is no banking license is needed.
Decentralized Exchange
Built from experience, in the complex, easy and intuitive on the outside.
Give and Take
Crypto loans made easy. Lend, Collect, Repeat
Ecosystem exchange of one-of-a-kind that will drive future innovation blockchain
High Leverage Trading OTC Crypto
Let investors diversify a portfolio CryptoCurrency them with a few simple clicks.
The mission statement is a pretty old school, and while we see ourselves as a school uniform which is almost new, we still perceive some things as something eternal. So without further ADO.
Simplify Crypto by making it understandable, transparent, and is available for the masses
Experience fantastic Client Centric

Comparison of CoinMetro with Other Exchanges

CoinMetro may not be the first Exchange, but many of the unique features that are not available in other exchanges:
The integration of digital and traditional market assets in the platform of Exchange.
CoinMetro offers a fast payment processing either in cryptocurrency or fiat through the establishment of a stable banking relationships.
Users will be able to do the savings through a variety of options such as credit card, e-wallet, local bank deposit, wire transfer SWIFT, SEPA transfers, and many crypto.
There are provisions for a token buy back to help stabilize and maintain the price of the COIN.

Why You Should Participate In The Token CoinMetro?

CoinMetro is committed to building a platform that will make trade and crypto digital asset management market and traditional becomes easy. Diversification of assets will be accessed by the user through the CoinMetro’s Token Asset Management (TAN) and Exchange A Crypto Fund (ETCF).
Users will be able to earn interest through CoinMetro lending platform as they lend their funds to merchants that are willing to wanting to do margin trading.
Debit cards will be given to the user that they can use to access the crypto wallet and fiat their wallets will be done by CoinMetro.
CoinMetro will operate as an e-money institution registered with some license to include jurisdictions where they operate.
Payment processing directly in fiat and cryptocurrency and the traditional market.

Coin and Token Bidding information
CoinMetro holding sales ticker token, token COIN, they are the XCM DOMINATOR. All activity on the platform CoinMetro will be paid in COIN. Total Token supply: 500 000 000
Pre sales: token HAS BEEN successful!
Pre sales: 50,000 000 COIN tokenhardcap
During this period, the price will start at 0,03EUR and rose to 0,02EUR after each 12 500 000 coins for sale. Coins that are not sold during this stage will be taken to the sales of the token.

Sale Token: February 21, 2018
The prices at this stage begins where the last token pre sale price sold. There will be a token buy back by CoinMetro and FXPIG to help stabilize and maintain the price of a token. The initial contributor who bought coins on 0,05EUR and 0,03EUR will have a vesting period of 180 days before you have full access to their token. The given percentage will be paid after 90 days of distribution and the remainder paid 90 days after the release of the first vesting.

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