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Coinanalyst  – The crypto market has become a very profitable investment sector over the years. More and more people are striving to take advantage of cryptocurrency assets and Blockchain technology. But the current market situation is still not fully developed and subject to many restrictions.
The market lacks liquidity, is extremely unstable and most importantly, very few have complete information on how this market actually works. The market can be very profitable and favorable for investments, but due to lack of proper knowledge, it is often prone to fraudulent activity, insecurity and vulnerability among investors.

Introducing Coinanalyst, a product that uses artificial intelligence to analyze and collect data and information on sector crypto assets and processes, and presents much simpler and clearer ways for users of the system.

What is Coinanalyst?
Coinanalyst is a software application that provides automated search and analysis of digital assets for traders. Now traders do not need to manually search for digital currencies. Coinanalyst will help traders to gather information about the opinions, risks, and opportunities associated with cryptocurrencies, other traders, clients, and their behavior. Professional data research will significantly reduce the risks associated with such investments and make it a safer market.

How does it work?
Coinanalyst collects and analyzes all information about digital currencies from all available sources in real time. It uses a monitoring system called Web Observer. The system has forums and blogs about currencies, as well as messages from social networks such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Reddit, which are published on the platform. All articles and messages are stored in the system index for future traders. It has a search engine that uses keywords to link to search engines such as Google.
The user opens the account and notes the corresponding digital currencies, paying the subscription fee, and thus, he will receive all the messages about current market trends by e-mail or Telegram. In novelties also there is a special training ground. Mobile apps are also available as a web app, as well as on Android and iPhone. The tokens used in Coinanalyst are the COY digital currencies that meet the ERC-20 requirements and are used for all services in the ecosystem. The entrance fee for traders is 20 euros per month, payable in the form of COY, and 100 euros per month for advanced trading.

1. Streaming audio and video files that can be converted to text for the better understanding of terms.
2. A multilingual system that supports most common languages such as Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, and others. The system works in real time.
3. A platform where everyone can express their opinions and tips that are carefully sorted, collected and consolidated.
4. Continuous evaluation of the trend mood Kriptoresursov for better evaluation.
5. Trading tips are based on data collected on, through which traders can decide whether to buy them or sell digital currencies.
6. The platform also informs traders about a significant change or impact on the market through the “Latest News” feature, which is sent to subscribers via email or Telegram.
7. Major events, publications or currency updates are also presented on the platform.
8. A common platform for all traders and investors to get information in one place.
9. Extremely profitable for beginners, as well as for professional traders.
10. Special corporate packages for companies.
11. The Coinanalyst purse complies with the latest safety standards and complies with the industry safety measures.

Conclusion : 
Coinanalyst is based on Blockchain technology and therefore the system is very transparent, reliable and has better security. This platform is very suitable for beginners who do not know the trends and can not identify the risks and volatility of the market. The ecosystem will also be extremely useful for professional traders as they will be willing to make even more investments in the markets after getting the necessary information and analytics about the market.

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