CINDX – We Revolutionize Crypto Assets Management.

CINDX – Trading volumes on cryptocurrency exchanges are growing year by year, this is facilitated by a constant influx of new entrants to the market. Every day this market becomes more and more rigid, because of the arrival of professional traders, perspective possibilities less. In such conditions a number of tools can come to help a beginner, for example, virtual assistants, buying signals, a deeper independent study of the essence of the market, trading strategies. The CINDX project offers a different option, which can be much more profitable, and much less costly in time. We’ll talk about it further.

What is Cindx
Cindx is a system where a crypto investor can choose a trader to manage his assets and thus earn almost passively. You can say that this is just a trust management, in fact it is, but there are many nuances, profitable Distinguishing the ecosystem from conventional control.
How the system works

1. First of all, the investor chooses a suitable trader from a wide list of portfolios in the system. The profile of any trader shows the history of his trades, profitability for one or another period, for example, the year, the instruments traded by him, as well as the number of investors.
2. The API mechanism that allows the trader to trade the investor’s assets without actual access comes into force. This is a very important, essentially key point of the system.  The trader observes all current transactions on the investors, volumes of these transactions, has an opportunity to apply any trading strategy, to set orders of stop-loss and take-profit-that is to engage in usual trading activity with all its possibilities.
3. Finally, the trader receives his/her fee in case of the increase of investor’s assets.

The prototype of the system already exists and can be found here.
Platform ecosystem
Cindx has a fairly extensive structure, which includes the following modules:
 Cindx. Trade: Trading terminal with wide functionality;
 Cindx. Market: Marketplace for the sale of ready-made investment products, packages (for example, a package of tokens “profitable + “);
 Cindx. Talk A platform for publishing your content and getting rewarded for it.
 Cindx. Hub: Developer environment, for example, automated trading strategies, with the ability to sell these solutions;
 Cindx. DAO: A system for masala voting of platform participants.

The system is described in more detail in WP.
Advantages of the system
 Commissions only in case of successful trade;
 The ability to choose the best manager;
 Only the investor has access to his assets;
 An absence of hidden commissions;
 The convenient interface of the platform;
 Opportunity to start investment activities in just a few minutes.

Token sale
Token name: Cinx;
Soft-cap: 6 million USD
Hard-cap: 30 million USD
Token Price: 1 ECT = 0.12 USD
Presale starts in just over 1 month.
To participate in sales go to the link.

Project in social networks
In Telegram-Chat almost 3 000 participants. The number of followers on Twitter accounts is around 1900, on the Facebook page with approximately 850 subscribers. The cryptocurrency market allows everyone to earn big, even huge money. But together with such opportunities, it conceals also considerable risks. If you are a beginner or do not want to spend a lot of time analyzing the market situation, it will be much more profitable to become a member of the CINDX system and to observe the growth of your assets. This is not a risk-free investment, but a professional manager with a good CV can show much better results than a beginner, or an inexperienced trader.

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