CIBUS is bringing Trust back into Food and Dietary Supplements

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CIBUS ecosystem network is a food supplement and health based blockchain that guarantee of origin and quality fulfillment of quality transparentlythe occurrence of CIBUS platform is to bring manufacturers of dietary supplements and food manufacturers, sellers or traders under one platform highly interactive, mutually beneficial and based on blockchain technology and enables transparency through data that can be trusted  distributed in the large book which can be free

accessed by all interested parties;

Thus good business owners as well as consumers are able to enjoy the best possible
transparency, authenticity, and the reliability of food products that are very interested in them.
all records of production and distribution that are stored in blocks cannot be faked CIBUSConsumer/purchaser, food manufacturers can use them to fast food products, fast moving to decide food recall cases or fraud detection while utilizing its high transparency.
CIBUS token enables transactions within the platform between all users. This is the underlying currency for all transactions, payment for transaction fees, escrow services, and advertising and will provides commercial and transactional intelligence analysisAll parties to the transaction will be required to buy and pay using token CIBUS.
The superiority of CIBUS worked as a multi-purpose platform:
Facilitate access to information searches by the end consumer, using the functionality of CIBUSTrace: append the complete transformation of agriculture to include the chain in order to more fully
Creating interactive global social media platform for consumer food, food producers, tradersfood bloggers, customers of food and all other food fans to allow the scope of their interaction with other food manufacturers, merchantsexperts as well as with developing health globally Provides an e-commerce platform that empowers B2C and B2B modalities in food

food supplements and related merchandise using sub-platform CIBUSCIBUSRetail and Trade Facilitate direct target ads by manufacturers/traders by providing a customized user preferences and demographic data of the relevant profiles, which will become the basis of CIBUS-AD

CIBUS will be a token of currency trading on all platforms; The goal is to facilitate an open and fair trade

to reduce uncertainty in the reliability of the supply chain for consumers

CIBUS Party realized that small-scale producers around the world need a place for further development and

product launch to international markets that until now seemed to be not attached to them.

an opportunity for merchants and manufacturers of small chained by the various levels of congestion and that’s where the CIBUS The solution gives them the opportunity to unleash their potentialCIBUS offers a large number of services on the platform which facilitated by token CIBUS and CIBUS is supported by Communities scattered throughout the world so that the congestion at the top can easily be wrapped and not a true business potential could be realized by its users.

CIBUS Project
Provides search tools and transparency based on the sidewalk of food to consumers.
Social networking platform which is Incentivized aims to create global collaboration on food.
Facilitate business to business wholesale and trade of food and supplements
Facilitate direct retail in food supplements among consumers and & food producers.
CIBUS AD platform provides analysis of inbuilt, providing a rich and relevant data about a user’s traffic
Affiliate marketing platform for CIBUS and CIBUS Retail Trade at competitive rates.
Five-stage standard escrow services provided for a fee based on transaction value
CIBUS may consider later on to open his own Logixtics centers like Fullfilment
In an era of business growth continuing food, prosedisi food and supply chain partners are currently facing many challengers from global competition, growth, online shoppping to pressure margins and more. Some of the vital need to facilitate trade in the entire supply chain of food and supplement are:
The visibility of the origin of supplies are limited
Inform the consumer network, demanding both value for money and higher quality
The accuracy of the demand for authenticity and transparency products
Protect against counterfeit products and adultera
The inconvenience faced by each spouse in the food supply chain as information flows are broken

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