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ChangeNOW – The exchange of crypto is a general trend of the invention of various Blokchainn projects that have their own local currencies to be used for trading on their platforms. Since there was various crypto, began the creation of various exchange platforms such as Chanelle, shapeshift among others that were used, but these platforms have limitations on the amount that can be converted, and Long-term registration processes that discouraging combined with the fact that most require time to process.

However, to confront these pressing problems, Changenow appeared to make an exchange without restrictions, allowing users to fully control their funds and allow the exchange of as much as possible, which is a dream for many Users.

What is Changenow?
This platform is the first of its kind in the change of any crypto with ease and fast online, without controlling the means of users, collecting their personal data and not allowing users to get the best available speed when they Want to Exchange cryptocurrencies.

Why should Exchange Changenow be used?
Reasons for using Changenow:
It is a decentralized blockchain, it allows users to fully control their funds, thus limiting the case of burglary, as there is no central holding for funds. There is a high level of security to protect all transactions, as it will attract money and prevent cases of human and technical errors, there was a different test, which confirmed the level of security.

The platform has a very active customer support system that will load users whenever there is any hassle and runs 24/7 to ensure smooth access to the platform. There is an increase in transparency that will make users calm down because all actions related to their funds are available to them. This time I’ll talk about the digital currency exchange cryptocurrency, where there will be very fast growing tokens that will be of interest to many people who changenow

How does Changenow work?
Here are the basic steps used by Changenow:
Step 1) Select your cryptocurrency: for example, or fiat for each cryptographic amount. Select the desired encryption distribution from the drop-down menu.
Step 2) Enter your wallet address: Enter your purse, then click “Next”. If you don’t have a purse, Changenow will connect you to the wallet creation platform.
Step 3) Confirmation: Check all the information and click “Confirm”.
Step 4) Deposit: Changenow will generate a deposit address for you and you send a deposit to that address.
Step 5) get coins: Changenow gives an appointment to find the best selection of one of the ten built-in Exchange that in place.

Your transaction will be processed and you will receive your coin at the destination of the bag. During the process, you do not need KYC, email, or password. There is no registration process contact individuals selected are very long, and there is no limit on the account. In General, an exchange for Changenow does not require a long time about 5 minutes

Changenow trades in cryptographic cash forms where you can quietly switch to digital currencies. Instead of trading Kriptoresursami with different customers, you pay Changenow to buy crypto conversion to your advantage (or you buy changenow from your pool). You pay for administration, but you can secretly trade an unlimited amount of cryptographic forms of money.

Changenow charges a fee of 0.5%. You can share many Kriptovymi changes despite the fact that Bitcoin and Etherium are very well known.
Changenow trades in cryptographic cash forms where you can quietly switch to digital currencies. Instead of trading crypto with different customers, you pay Changenow to buy Kriptovoe conversion to your advantage (or you buy changenow from your pool). You pay for administration, but you can secretly trade an unlimited amount of cryptographic forms of money.

Changenow is an instant Exchange service offering customers safe, simple and convenient services. The project promises to remain honest with its customers, ensuring that it does not charge them additional or hidden payments. Transactions will be processed in just five minutes. However, this will depend on the volume of the transaction with the larger transactions.

Who is behind Changenow?
Changenow claims that his collection of experienced blocker engineers, for example, is not recorded on the official website.
Project-related benefits
Changenow will continue to work to improve and improve its services through the introduction of new features. For example, customers can easily exchange more than 100 coins and buy them using fiat. Changenow will give users more control over their funds than the current exchange. The project is developing in the direction of decentralization of exchanges.
There are complaints about the lack of easy-to-use and easy-to-use virtual currency exchange. Changenow develops a mobile application to allow its customers to use their services using the most popular devices.

Changenow will be a completely decentralized exchange system. This system will allow a peer to peer-to-peer trade to survive through automated processes. Token NOW is one of the most important tools on this platform.
Changenow is on Twitter, where he uses the audience. The company uses a platform to exchange interesting information about the project. Those who can publish projects can use the platform because the company responds in a timely manner.

Changenow is a project that is expected to provide unrestricted customer service to cryptocurrency.
Distribution current
Ticker: Now
Full Name: Changenow Token
Type: ERC20 marker
Total inventory: 200 000 000 now
Decimal point: 8
Minimum investment: US $50 000
Maximum investment: 500 000 USD

Now the token
NOW token is the first token created by the instant Exchange platform.
Token NOW will serve as the internal currency in Changenow, it will be an important way to register new coins and tokens in our service. When Changenow grows very quickly, tokens will be in great demand.

How do I get a token now?
The only chance to get tokens now by individuals participating in the campaigns Changenow Airdrop and Bounty. Token distribution Now-every Monday from May 28.
Price 1 now ≈ 0.2 USD
Market capitalization: 40 000 000 USD
An amount payable: 200 000 000 now
Airdrop: 60 000 000 now
Campaign Bounty: 4 000 000 now

Conclusion :
Given a large number of users cryptocurrency can be expected to immediately improve, Changenow will still be one of the best investment projects currently. The project is expected to have a large number of users because of its ease of use. Changenow Works idealizing security as a target and has undergone various penetration tests


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