Chainium – CHX – Reinventing Equity Markets

Chainium In international capital markets have gone through a tempestuous decade since the start of the recession. The world has experienced some economic growth for 5 years. Even then, there is a serious decline in the number of IPOS. The market performed well but at the same time, the start-up cannot benefit from such growth. This is despite the fact that the community is very invested in the capital market.

Applications, like Robinhood, has brought a significant change in the consumer market. This is majorly because of the increasing interest in cryptocurrencies. The main issues that arise in the procurement of funds is the existence of the ancient systems, such as banks, private companies, and the cost of the bureaucracy, which has made this procedure is inconvenient, expensive, and clear. It is also because investors become very cautious of institutional lenders because of the recession.

In international capital markets slowly reach a stalemate due to structural obstacles come in the way. Equity market moves toward decentralization of the moment. This is where they can make using Blockchain technology. There is a start-up, called Chainium that is constantly working to provide an easier way of entrepreneur forbusiness to raise funds.

This is a very difficult job to raise funds and invest. Equity markets are facing the same situation that the media industry is facing the moment When off site, such as Upwork and Elance, is introduced on the market. There are many legal formalities that one must go through to connect the small investors with the organizations that developed.

It is not possible for new companies to do p2p financing. That’s why venture capitalists, banks and private equity firms fill in the empty spaces in the equity markets. But all these services come with the negative side. Business organizations must go through the assessment of private investors to procure funds.

Chainium focuses on creating a process that could bring transparency in the trading process. This platform does not charge anything because it uses blockchain technology. Chainium powered by CHX token, which connects business owners with investors.

Business owner of companies filing conditions based on where they are offering their shares to investors. They also mention in terms of how much they want to engage with investors. Chainium can manage the sale of the shares of a private company. This platform also ensures that such sales are transparent, secure, and lawful.

This platform enables interaction between the company and investors without the involvement of intermediaries. Investors can get all kinds of benefits through this platform they used to get with the traditional systems, such as voting, dividend, financial analysis, and reporting.

Chianium platform is in development for a few years. They will be launching their initial offer coins (ICO) during the period beginning in 2018. This ICO will highlight their solutions in front of people who are interested in buying a Token. If you want to get more information on the Chainium platform,

Token specifications:
The number of signs CHX provided for the sale of the token is 20 million.
The number of allocated Tokens CHX for sale is 10 million.
The minimum contribution limit for individual investors is 0.1 Ethereum.
Hard Cap limit the token sales was 8 m U.S. dollars ($ 8 m).
Hard hat limits pre-sale token is 1 m U.S. dollars ($ 1 m).
Percentage of allocated Tokens for sale is 50%
Token percentage allocated to management and team founder is 25%
Percentage of allocated Tokens for the reserve fund is 20%
Percentage of allocated Tokens for token sales charge is 5%.

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