CGCX In the last two years, cryptocurrency has gained popularity and is quickly becoming more and more mainstream, thanks to increased global adoption. With the development of blockchain technology, there are many functions that are provided by banks, financial institutions, and companies will be replaced with a platform that is able to utilize the technology blockchain to lower transaction costs and increase Security and reliability.

Since the year 2017, many financial services providers based on blockchain have emerged to meet this demand. Major financial institutions have also started to move into the new space was born, with some degree of success. However, the industry still has the potential to be developed. With the application of the technology of blockchain which is still growing at exponential rates, we will see a lot of positive changes in the future. CGCX aims to be a leader in financial services for the cryptocurrency, as well as the top hybrid Exchange platform based in Singapore.

Introducing CGCX
Global Crypto Calfin Exchange-CGCX cryptocurrency interchange, offering a sophisticated hybrid. Unlike most of the Exchange that offers only trade cryptocurrency, CGCX puts himself at the world blockchain by providing four platforms are rolled out into one to offer a range of services to its customers.
 Exchange Crypto
 ICO Listings
 Merchant Solutions
 Smart Contracts

Crypto Exchange
CGCX offers 24/7 trading platform with security tough, and architecture that supports trade around the clock. Platform CGCX can also support real-time trading settlement seamlessly in all financial instruments. It also allows the addition of digital currency and sustainable, bespoke asset, and the national currency.

CGCX will also be launching their wallets alone that supports multi-currency payment in CGCX ecosystems. We launched our own CGCX Token, a token utility that can be used for transactions in the Exchange. CGCX will offer discounts on transaction fees when paid through our token.

ICO Platform Listing
CGCX hybrid platform not only enables our clients to trade with confidence in all cryptos but also allows the issuer token coins a new alternative (altcoin) to register their token for trade.

The new token can be listed in the US for voting. CGCX team will conduct due diligence review over a token searching list. Once approved, the token will be registered to vote between users of our platform. Based on the results of the voting, the token can be registered on the CGCX platform.
Users on the platform CGCX can use the Token CGCX them to choose a few token. We plan to use 50% of the received token as the cost of voting for insurance cost to build further insurance protection.
New alternative tokens listed further will be monitored on an ongoing basis and can be removed at any time if they don’t maintain the eligibility list based on criteria set by CGCX.

Merchant Platform
Our merchant platform allows users to engage with our trading partners. Our platform can be integrated with System sales ( “POST “) merchants and e-commerce systems to accept the currency exchange rate as a tool of crypto. Machine data analysis we will provide insight into customer behavior, the pattern of expenditure, and the analysis of trends so that traders can better position themselves to meet the needs of their customers.

The tool merchant and payment gateway provides businesses with the perfect tool for managing currencies crypto. Merchants can begin accepting payments in cryptocurrency in just a few minutes with plug in the payment gateway (if a business operates online), or installing applications CGCX post (web-based and mobile applications). After you configure a business online presence on the list of our traders, merchants can start to promote their products and services to thousands of cryptocurrency users from around the world.

Platform Of Smart Contracts
The current contract system largely paper-based, and therefore vulnerable to inefficiencies, fraud and transaction costs are high. When a merchant sends the goods, he received a paper bill of lading. To obtain trade finance, for example through a letter of credit, bill of lading must be sent via courier to his bank and through many checks and balances are maintained manually in the system.

This process is relatively slow, which creates a need for an efficient system of digitized as blockchain. Our platform has the ability to program smart contracts, which can make the payment automatically without human intervention. All assets that can be traded can be represented via a digital token can be publicly traded and can be used in this smart contracts, compliance with regulatory requirements.

Each of our smart contracts will be written by the developer of an experienced solidity, and, as an extra precaution, they also will be reviewed by a team of professional Ethereum whitehat before implementation.
Token CGX
CGX token can be used to pay transaction fees for trades that are executed on an Exchange and get a discount over the cost of the transaction according to the attached table.

This discount is not available to anyone else who pays the transaction fees with other currencies. CGX token can be used to select the preferred coin for inclusion into our platform. This can be used in our Smart contracts as well as platform solutions Merchants to take advantage of price discounts on products and services from a variety of merchants. CGX token is only meant for the purpose of such utilities and is not intended for use by the buyer as a means of investment.

Rincian sale of Tokens
Schedule 1-30 June 2018 Token Sales
The Purchase Token Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bankwire
The price of a Token 8500 CGX/1 ETH
The total supply of 2 billion Token CGX

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