Cewnote – Decentralized News Platform on Top of Blockchain

Cewnote – Decentralized news platform over blockchain. Cewnote is a decentralized news platform using the blockchain technology and created on the Ethereum blockchain. Using blockchain technology, the Cewnote platform will be decentralized and can bring more reliable news. We will use an advanced algorithm that will use tokens cewnote, decentralize and revolutionize the news industry. Cewnote wants to integrate blockchain technology into the online media/news industry to decentralize the industry around the world.

Why Cewnote?
Competitive Advantage
Cewnote has a unique way of releasing news that we haven’t seen before.
 Lock Infrastructure: integrates blockchain technology to create high quality and source protection algorithms.
 Easy instruction for current: Get paid for writing articles.
 Global System and safe: we do not need any personal information, our clients will have worldwide anonymous addresses. Payments will be made in Cewnote tokens.

Cewnote operation mode
To understand how cewnote will work, let’s take a look at the key factors of the network. Cewnote is a decentralized news tape Bilton the Ethereum blockchain. Such an arrangement will allow anyone to submit arches that will be considered by anonymous investors, which are coordinated without the need for explicit trust. During the analysis process, participants will explore the arches to make sure they conform to a public set of network editorial standards.

Each news published on Cewnote is replicated to different sites hosted by the community and becomes available to the public. Readers, writers, reviewers, and publishers will be able to earn tokens that are proportional to the number of positive reviews that are made.

Cewnote Application

The Cewnote mobile app will be available on mobile devices including Apple and Android. The application makes it easier to use the Cewnote platform. In addition, the application will be updated regularly to customize the best experience for users. Users will also be able to work or edit offline without an Internet connection. Cewnote does not need any of your personal data. Payments will be made in Cewnote tokens (CEW), which provide safe and secure use on our letterhead.

 You can easily convert Cewnote to Fiat currency
 Available Worldwide
 Visa Card Service
 Delivery of 14 days
* * Advantages: * *
 Access to the Beta platform
 Premium Account
 Information about the Cewnote token
 Token distribution

 15% pre-sale
 37% Public Sale
 28% Company
 10% Private Sale
 5% Bounty
 Command 5%

Allocation of funds
 65% of development
 5% Legal
 5% Miscellaneous
 Command 5%
 5% general and administrative
 15% Marketing

Road Map
May 2018: Release of technical documentation and website updates.
June 2018: Release of Explain video, a launch of Marketing control.
August 2018: Focus on managing communities and teams
September 2018: Start selling a token
October 2018: Contact Exchanges
November 2018: Selling torrents

WEBSEITE: https://cewnote.com
ANN : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4688506.0
WHITEPAPER: https://cewnote.com/img/Whitepaper%20Cewnote%20PDF.pdf
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/CewnoteToken
TWITTER: http://twitter.com/cewnote
TELEGRAMM: https://t.me/CewnoteWorld

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