CAVIAR Crypto And Real Estate In One Token

CAVIAR is the source of the funds and real estate investment crypto is first available in blockchain ethereum in one cryptocurrency token. Platform utilities to bring Caviar token holder Caviar, allows real estate developers raise money for projects using the mechanisms of crowdfunding, Caviar and token holder provides funds that underlie the opportunity to participate in the project and gain the advantage. Caviar is trying to capture a higher rate of return, while also providing a unique opportunity for investors to diversify the portfolio of crypto via their exposure to real estate. At the same time, investors are giving traditional Caviar high returns in a diversified portfolio of digital currency. Crypto investors have long sought protection from the volatility of an asset such as a Tether, Digix, DigiDao and others. However, many of these proven assets and unreliable, with reserves that are less structured, and still vulnerable to volatility. Tokenism Caviar approach towards investment in the field of real estate. can lower the costs of fund management, reduce the cost of entry for investor funds, and eliminate the “barrier of liquidity” that make equity investors remain locked away for many years. To ensure transparency, Caviar spread CAView, a set of proprietary monitoring tool, which provides portfolio audit and ensure the distribution and Division of profits that honestly and anonymously.

Caviar is the successor to the Caviar Capital debt Fund LP, a real estate operation since 2013. During the last five years, the Caviar Capital successfully financed more than 20 redevelopment projects. With an interest rate of 0%, 0 late payments and average IRR (internal rate of return) of 16% per year, the Caviar Capital provides investment vehicles and a stable investment, generate income and reliable. Since the beginning, the Caviar Capital consistently outperform the S P 500 index & Real Estate1 and S P 500 index & Bond2 more than 300%.

Business opportunities for investors
Traditionally, if an investor wants to invest in real estate, they have two options: buy real estate directly, or investing in REITS (Real Estate Investment Trusts). However, both of these options have a number of disadvantages. The first option, buy real estate directly, is a complicated and drawn out process, requiring special skills, time, and the ecosystem of the established service providers. The second option may seem more attractive, to look more deeply reveals REITs often have high minimum investment, just invest in one building or development, and have a lack of liquidity. Most importantly, the return on investment has been bad, according to The Wall Street Journal. See this factor caviar provides a profitable real estate investment loans private real estate.

Private real estate loans is a general term to describe the short term loans made to higher interest rates. This type of financing helped close the gap between the date when the money needed and the date when the long-term funds for investment or buyer are available. All the real estate debt provided by Caviar secured by a personal guarantee from the borrower and the first client’s position against real estate assets. In case of foreclosure, Caviar will take over real estate properties, complete the required construction and marketing it. With over 150,000 real estate assets that are purchased for the purpose of repair and resale in the United States each year, and the ability for investors to generate hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars a year, this is an opportunity that many of interest to embrace as their own business ventures. So, there is a need for a community peer, mentor, and service providers to educate, disseminate information about the transaction, and provide peer to peer communication. This community also gives real estate developers a platform to raise funds for their projects. By building a community of developers and real estate entrepreneur, Caviar will advance its objectives, improving the flow of transactions and provide additional opportunities for the token holder’s benefit.

The rise of the market blockchain generate some funds that invest in cryptocurrencies and assets. A portion of this Fund offers investors an option for results and promises to diversify by keeping a portion of their assets in the Bitcoin. However, in a very easy crypto market change, monthly or quarterly profit is not guaranteed. Although the Bitcoin is arguably the most stable and most liquid currency among crypto now, but still part of the bitcoin and prone to volatility. Caviar gave investors the opportunity to diversify their portfolios outside crypto token and currency exposure through funds to low-risk real estate market. Caviar is in a unique position to be able to divert funds from the market to real estate and crypto instead to modify allocations, maximize the benefits and minimize the risks. Caviar business model takes a more balanced approach to investing through a combination of asset crypto quickly strengthened and income-producing real estate is stable. This is a systematic method that is proven to achieve growth and earnings through exposure to the market in a double in a single token.

Advantage platform Caviar
Dual purpose with strong upside

they diversify currencies-crypto and crypto assets with income generating real estate loans, so that sensitive portfolio risk.

Protection on the down side is supported by a stable asset
In the case of a bear market in real estate or crypto, we can divert investment to memaksimalkannya.

For results
The holder of the token they received 75% quarterly profits through smart contracts

Strength prediction of a stronger and more effective asset allocation
Proprietary Intelligent Predictive models for pricing and Asset Crypto Crypto Currency forecasting is backed by real science data.

Transactions and investment seen on blockchain

The strong historical performance
5 years experience of the previous real estate investments

Experienced team
Year fixed income, equity, debt, market and academic experience crypto

Low minimum entry than traditional funds
There is no minimum investment for sales people

The token value growth
20% of the profits are invested back into the Fund

Quarterly capital set aside to buy back and burn the token to provide liquidity

Fully comply
Caviar fully comply with the international regulations of KYC/AML

The advantage to the holder of the token Caviar
Every holder of a token Caviar will be getting Dividend per quarter and guaranteed by the auditable smart contracts each quarter, the distribution in the form of ETH will be done through smart contracts to all holders of a token Caviar, representing 75% quarterly profit of Caviar After management fees and operating expenses.

Token Information
The name token: CAV
Total supply: 375 million
Types of tokens: ERC20 ETHEREUM
Price Per token: $0.10

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