DocTailor is a platform that allows users to be able to custom Smart legal contract that eases the lawyers, individuals, and organizations to make Smart Contract on blockchain without having to have a special skill. DocTailor is the easiest way for the newbies who haven’t been familiar with Smart Contract […]

European Crypto Bank will start Trading and Exchange Platform in London (United Kingdom). Although Brexit, London remains a major financial center in the European Landscape, Centre for research and innovation the ECB will be based in Paris (France) for reasons of public funding France (subventions). Global Tax Department will be […]

BITGUILD – Games, because the computer has become an asset for the family, a game that accompanies it is always fun, ranging from simple to complex, from ugly to beautiful, in the game, you can become anyone, be anywhere, anytime and satisfy whatever you want. Brain to imagine. The game […]

Fiancia – is a revolutionary trading platform and Crypto news channel tv. more than 3000 pairs of currencies crypto ready to be traded. at one place with friendly trading terminal and innovative investment strategies by the social networks. tv news special that explores Cryptocurrency to keep the audience with updating […]

NYNJA – Imagine uniting; Whatsapp, Skype, WeChat, Line, Wire, Viber, Email, Kik, Slack, UpWork, 99 Designs, now put them all in one application and tough features such as: Mobile-to-mobile and mobile to a landline through via secure, high definition sound and video, virtual conference, selection of the quorum for Board […]