Cashbag Purchase Money Transactions with discounted price

CASHBAG Retail e-commerce sales will rise from $1.095 trillion in 2016 be $4.058 trillion in 2020, which generate 14.6% of total retail spending in that year. The user base of unique crypto wallet has evolved into more than 5.8 million unique users in the year 2017, not including purses that are in stock which can generate higher numbers again. Between Ethereal and own Bitcoin is over 31 million unique purse and a market capitalization of crypto in total exceed $160 Billion in October 2017. This trend proves that adoption of a token and kriptocurrency as a unit of stored value is quickly becoming mainstream.

What is Cashbag is an aggregator of refunds transactional that enables consumers to obtain discounts and cash for shopping and transacting online at thousands of participating global traders. For each transaction, get money back CashBag members collected by participating merchants from CashBag, received into the wallets of members and paid in cash to a bank account or PayPal.
CashBag going through problems this token add feature rich environment to the platform, including fully qualified ERC20 wallet that enables features such as conversion of fiat/token, purchase advertising, accumulation of gifts members and redemption, instant transfer and the ability of members to Transact either. in CashBag and wallet is compatible with other ERC20.

Supporting technologies that support the Ethereum allows CashBag empowers its members to own, acquire and trade evidence without requiring them to understand the underlying infrastructure. This will encourage the adoption and use of the token, increase market liquidity and allow ability is traded.
Application of surge cryptocurrencies & token as class investment and trade will increase exponentially when consumers non-technical can obtain and use it without having to understand the basics of mining, crypto, block or other technical terminology.

CashBag mobile & on desktop
CashBag have Android apps and the App Desktop Helper (Firefox Chrome Safari) that once installed will automatically remind consumers will be saving when shopping online.
This site optimized for mobile and our Android application (launch of iOS Q4) allows consumers to browse and search for products and services while on the go.

How To Get Income CashBag
CashBag has partnered with hundreds of traders globally and on to onboard new traders every day. All these traders agreed to share revenues based on transactional revenue generated by online shoppers CashBag. Through direct integration with our network & traders, we can report transactions in real-time and earn cash back savings for our members.

Overview Cashbag
CashBag is more than just a web site award, this is a tool that helps intelligent, conscious buyer savings to get money back and secure discounts on almost all purchases online is used by active online buyers, businesses and just about anyone just interested in saving when shopping online.
Our core demographic is very active, using CashBag every day to the discovery of products and services. Our average basket

Why Contribute
our token is an opportunity for early adopters to participate in a set of tokens that can be exchanged with the value of the redemption of guaranteed advertising. After the initial token issue distributed no further tokens that will be created and the company will buy back the token for the award was published as incentive for members.

The price of the CBC will follow the regulations of the buyback program through Hartwick where our token will keep liquidity and increase in value over time as more users entering the ecosystem. Due to the scarcity and limitations of supply, we anticipate that the unit price CBC will increase over revenue, driven by the demand of members, increase the price.

CashBag will pay an incentive of its members by using the ratio of the current incentives, 10:1 (one-tenth of the dollar equivalent of the value in the CBC into any cash recovered). These incentives would be financed from profits and are purchased on the open market.
Updated Token Information We will issue a total of 367 million tokens. A maximum of 120 million will be sold for 1 ETH: 6000 tokens.

Token Technology
Token CashBag (CBC), the token based on Ethereal, is an important element of our markets. Ethereum is open-source, blockchain-based, distributed computing platform-oriented smart contracts. Effectively, Wireshark is distributed virtual machine that allows the end user to make intelligent contract transactions. Smart contract is stateful applications stored in the Ethereal blockchain. This contract is safe in cryptography and can verify or enforce the performance of the contract. The contract was a standard feature of Token Ecosystems etereum Ethereum has been used for mobile payment system, distributed, Exchange tokens that pegged on commodities

Consumers & Duration Cashbag Coin (CBC) Crowdsale
The sales period will commence on March 12, 2018 and
continue until one of the
120 million tokens are sold or
30 days since the launch of token sales.
Smart contracts will send tokens for
sale token

Tokens For Sale
The company’s shareholders not accept a token, because it is our position that we already take advantage of the buyer’s token participation through crowdsale.
Proceeds from the Initial Sale of the Token will be used within the company to accelerate the development and growth of the business.

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