Capverto Exchange is essentially a non-bank financial and credit institution. The company offers a range of banking services based on the use of decentralized cryptocurrency CAP. Capverto will be the financial platform of the future, devoid of the shortcomings of the classical banking institutions. The idea is not new, but the project has distinctive features.

International prepaid Cards
In particular, users are offered an international prepaid card Capverto-a kind of bridge between Fiat and cryptocurrency CAP. The cards will be multilevel and different color. Each cardholder receives the number of CAP tokens corresponding to the level of the purchased card, starting from 100 dollars for the base Blue Card. Like a regular payment card, the Capverto card can be used for shopping in the store and on the Internet, but up to 2 percent of each transaction is reinvested in the cap, allowing the cap to stabilize. There is also a full-featured rewards system that allows you to receive direct discounts from affiliated sellers.

P2P money transfers and Kriptovaljutnoe lending
The Capverto Exchange Web portal gives each user integration with an IBAN/SWIFT account for fast, convenient and cheap P2P payments that are much more economical than Western Union and FOREX, especially when sending money to International level. Another feature is the lending tool based on the use of cryptocurrency CAP. It is much more convenient than traditional bank loans. For example, if you have a free CAP currency, up to half of your savings can be loaned to another user of the Capverto Exchange system. It does not matter whether you are a natural or a legal person. Funds may be provided only for a period of up to 6 months. The annual interest rate is 8 percent per annum and is paid to the lender instantly. The Capverto platform independently removes the payment for credits and guarantees the return of funds to the creditor. Borrowers, in turn, it is advantageous not to rely solely on traditional financial institutions.

Optimized cryptocurrencies trade, including the “Copy trading” function
The convenient and secure online Capverto Exchange interface eliminates some common difficulties in buying and selling cryptocurrency. For example, the platform helps newcomers who do not know how to create a balanced portfolio of cryptocurrency. Participants can make money to buy and sell various cryptocurrency and use the integration with the Binance exchange for a clear understanding of trade histories of trading operations. They can use this information to copy the trades/portfolios of the more experienced platform participants. Such trade in copies is a good starting point for new users, as well as another possibility of influencing the CAP ecosystem. Ten percent of the profits are automatically deducted, with the original trader and Capverto Exchange receiving half. Half of this share (2.5 percent of total deduction) is then re-invested in the CAP, directly influencing its value.

Innovative Insurance Cryptocurrency
Capverto Exchange takes into account the known risks to the online trading of digital currencies and, in particular, offers its customers cryptocurrency insurance. The idea of this insurance product originally arose after the collapse of the Mt. Gox exchange in 2014. Kriptoaktivov Insurance on the Capverto Exchange platform is one of the first of its kind and is managed by the insurance company Riskpoint, operating in the market Insurance Services since 1917.
Cryptocurrency Insurance in Capverto Exchange works in conjunction with industry-specific cybersecurity standards, including factor authentication (2FA), know-your-customer (KYC), Anti-Money Laundering (AML), and address verification. All this is designed to minimize the risk of cyber and technical failures. Thus, users of Capverto Exchange can be sure of 100% that their assets are protected.


Token Details:
Token: CAP
Price 1 CAP = 1.82 USD
MVP/prototype: Available
Platform: Ethereum
Acceptance: ETH
Soft cover: 1,125,000 cap
Hard cover: 171 375 000 cap
Country: Denmark
White list/KYC: KYC & Whitelist

The financial ecosystem of the future
Capverto Exchange offers an innovative financial product using the unique benefits of cryptocurrency. It unites the worlds of fiat money and cryptocurrency, presenting the International Prepaid Card program, which is associated with innovative banking and trading functions focused on the CAP token. All the features of Capverto Exchange affect the cost of the CAP, i.e. its price is a reflection of production activity, not speculation.

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