BuzzShow Future Decentralized Platform Will Provide Users full control

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BUZZSHOW is a video-based social network Awards fully developed that gives awards to users BuzzShow Goldies Tokens to create, share saw the video. BuzzShow platform of future decentralization would give users full control and privacy in social media spaces of their videos.
Today, a small group of digital media companies control all video content created and published online, especially Google (via YouTube) and Facebook and most content creators that make both professional and content UGC , is most of the time are not rewarded for their work. .
BuzzShow is the type of new social Video platforms, decentralized and supported by the creator and curator. Video creators are rewarded with Goldies (the currency used in BuzzShow) correspond to the popularity of their videos. Social Video platform that is decentralized and is operated by the people who create and use them, potentially becoming the number one video site globally. So technology has evolved enough, the content will be saved in BuzzShow de-centralized
Products developed & Tested
BuzzShow phase 1 have been developed, tested and available online, see for yourself!
Most of the Token Sale starts when the platform is only in the conceptual stages, with just a white paper to support the funds collected on the Sale of the Token. BuzzShow Token Sale is different. We offer a platform that was developed and tested and will use the funds to make it operate with blockchain technology and also to develop a strong user base quickly.
Third Generation Blockchain Technology
The next release of platform BuzzShow will be based on the third generation of Blockchain technology, provides the benefits of transaction costs that do not exist, capacity, stability, and security are very important to social media networks.
Your Content, Your Privacy, Your Rights
Instead of protecting consumers, social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, have traded privacy for profit and freedom of speech to censorship. BuzzShow social media network would give users full control and ownership of their content, including distribution, monetization and the criteria of selection, while only disabling content is proven to be illegal.
Reward Based Social Media Video Network
Platforms like Facebook provide no & YouTube the slightest appreciation of content creators and curators and certainly not give awards to the audience despite the online video market is exponential growth. BuzzShow creates an incentive-based system of incentive-based rewards based on the popularity of new video content online, giving the prize to the user Goldies to create, share, saw the video.
BuzzShow core is Goldies already embedded in the platform BuzzShow. Currency BuzzShow the new crypto will be integrated when migrating BuzzShow to Token-based blockchain.

ERC20 allows a token gift-giving and a secure and immediate mikropansi with smart contract that allows it to give incentives to all users who contributed on BuzzShow ecosystems.
The EOS software. IO helps developers with scheduling, licensing, database, authentication, and communication between applications. This greatly simplifies the development process and the implementation of decentralization

Filecoin is a network of decentralized storage change cloud storage into the algorithmic market. The market runs on the blockchain with the sign of the miners get Protocol by providing storage for clients.
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