BUZZSHOW The video has become a mainstay of entertainment. The rise of video platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo have increased the demand for video is exponentially in developed countries and more and more around the world. Because the industry is worth billions of dollars managed by a for-profit company is great, it is not surprising if they gain increased thanks to the valuable content that was created by the creative mind that paid less or even no pays off. For other users, such as viewers and curator, it’s even worse. Social events, reviews, recommendations for great content or content which is very valuable not compensated or even censored at that point. Some companies such as Facebook and Twitter have absolutely no formula for results, despite generating billions of dollars of advertising revenue. On the other hand, the price gap with the online video service pay need not be folded, like paying
the content without ads is only possible on media-based subscription or pay-per-view. Buzzshow offers a fresh approach to decentralization to the market video online that will restore the power into the hands of the creators, curators, and the consumer market. Based on the book the system decentralized, so that a community of content creators, curators and the consumers can decide among themselves what the appropriate values for each service, without a Center party stood to take most of the advantage. This means the opportunity for all users to economically get rewarded each time they sign up, view, upload, recommend or share the video.

Buzzshow is one of the first video social networking sites which adopt blockchain technology to provide a platform that puts the interest of content creators, curators and viewers first. Blockchain using the Goldies as Crypto-giving incentives to create, share, and view videos on BuzzShow. Members of the platform not only as content creators, but also earn revenue as they share the video and when they saw the video. This is the first social video network that fully developed that allows everyone involved to contribute and make money on the platform.

This platform is intended for our IPFS (InterPlanetary File Sharing) in a future release to ensure their content is completely decentralized. This allows the file saved without relying on a centralized data base since most video sites rely on. As a result, it is not susceptible to DOS attacks or ransomware attack because the video will be held in many systems. The benefits are faster, more open and more secure than the centralized video encoding methods are centered. This technology is useful for BuzzShow because it allows the platform to completely decentralized while saving bandwidth costs. BuzzShow is committed to ensuring that the revenue generated from advertising and premium subscriptions are distributed evenly between the overall “food chain” including content creators, curators, marketers, and consumers in accordance with the level of participation and their popularity in the platform. Most of the other video sharing sites retain around 50 percent of advertising revenue, such as in the case of YouTube that use a percentage of revenue sharing scheme 55-45, or save the entire income for himself as in the case of Facebook and Twitter. Under the creator and curator of the content of this scheme, forced to share part of the remaining income, despite doing a good job. Buzzshow aims to disrupt the industry by giving all parties involved in the revenue generated from content creation.

Features Of BuzzShow
Users on platforms will earn money when their first video upload platform. This is a very simple way to get the Goldies even before a request on the site growing. They can also get every citation that confirmed on this site. Once a user registers on the basis of their references, they also get a few Goldies.

Another feature is the ability to create and upload videos for free. There is no paid options that offer content creators greater capital opportunities. Everyone starts with the same price, and it’s completely free for everyone. This makes companies reluctant to pay special care on the stage. They will support their favorite content originated by sending Goldies. This will not be Goldies charged such outrageous deals and other donation platform Patreon, but micro-transaction costs approach zero. This will ensure that the creative content makers are getting the support they need.

In addition, content creators can sell access to their content, thus allowing them gained Goldies if its content is of high quality. Users can access this premium content with paying Goldies they get on the platform.

Advertisers will be able to pay for content creators and curators directly to ensure that advertisements are placed in the video to the right target audience. This is a strategy that is more effective than random ad placement without the input of the advertiser

What Are The Benefits Of BuzzShow For The User?
Users of different platforms will get different benefits depending on its contribution to the site. Specific benefits for each of these groups is as follows:

Video creators will get Goldies to create content and add it to their channel and also when users see the video. This gives the opportunity to video creators to generate income. They also may charge a premium if they want to.
Curator video will get Goldies every time they video sharing or video when seen in their channels.
Viewers will get the Goldies as they watch a video at the platform, and they can use this to pay Goldies premium content from their favorite content creators.
Advertisers can buy Goldies for use to pay for ad space either from a curator or particular content maker.
The validator verifies the advertising included in the video to make sure that advertisers just to market based on ad space. This validator is paid using the Goldies.
Moderators get Goldies with validate content creators are distributed to the terms and conditions. They mark the problems such as racism and inappropriate content to ensure that users do not violate their requirements.
Developer/Platform retains some Goldies provided for them. In addition, they get based on the plugin and any upgrades are introduced to the platform.
Buzzshow will provide storage options with related companies other decentralized storage and let content owners pay a small fee to store the videos on blockchain.

Token Goldies
Goldies ERC20 token is based on the platform of the Ethereum. The basic language used for development is Solidity. It shares many similarities with JavaScript making it easier for the developer with the knowledge to develop it in Solidity. Ethereum allows tokenisasi assets in the platform without the need to create an entirely different blockchain.

ERC20 platform using smart contracts to ensure that the transaction is secure. Smart contract also allows quick transfer to micropayments with speeds of only a few seconds. This allows the platform to accommodate the high volume of transactions. The majority of Goldies obtained can be easily converted into tokens ETH. This token can then be exchanged for currency kriptocurrency or fiat more on supported exchanges.

Details Of The Sale Of Tokens
Schedule Token Sales 12 February 2018
The Purchase Token Ethereum
The price of a Token 1 Goldies = $0.25
A total of 150 million Token Supply Goldies

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