BugLab Cybersecurity Penetration Testing on the Ethereum Blockchain

BugLab– Very often both enterprises and traders, having digital assets and using new technologies (Blokchejen, ICO and so on) on various websites, begin to strengthen security after the hacking of the system. Companies often understand that security is very low. But finding good people in cybersecurity and engaging them is a lot of time and money. It may also be difficult to resolve this issue due to regulatory requirements.

The information today that is stored in each ecosystem requires some protection. In order for all needs in this area to be covered, the cybersecurity market is bound to develop nonlinearly.
As a rule, the victims of cyber not often try to advertise the information about the attack on them, and the struggle with not strongly protected information is very seldom a priority if urgent production of products to the market is necessary. Therefore, it is difficult to get accurate statistics about all cyber, sometimes even impossible. But one thing is clear: this trend is rapidly gaining momentum, and therefore already today some consequences in this sphere are widely familiar to people.

Methods of combating cyber proposed by the Buglab project
The Buglab project gives an opportunity to each client or to address to pentestram, or to recruit the verified collective from the famous company. This team must consist of at least five Pentestrov.
The project has the following characteristics:
 After the general information and the launch of the competition, which will be delivered by the company, the community receives an invitation to participate.
 Clients of the project have the right to choose some Pentesterov or to attract an excellent team from the famous company, which is engaged in cyber.
 During the closed competition, customers can select several Pentesterov, taking into account the following criteria: State, qualification and so on.
 Before the participants in the dashboard, the vulnerabilities reported in the reports are checked, sorted, and replays are eliminated. Customers are notified only of those reports that are considered to be the most relevant.
 Firms receive reports on the results of their own contests. As a result, firms receive summaries of all contests, and the client has the right to compare the amount of security of their own assets and to evaluate the results.
 Firms are given three types of competition management at their discretion. For example, only the client will be responsible for sorting reports in “corporate”.
 In the event that the client decides to manage his own competition, then any pentester can turn to the project to become a mediator. This is useful if the Pentester considers the assigned points to be erroneous or it seems that the validation results were incorrect. The project team will receive information about the dispute and will be able to evaluate it.
 In the informative panel, the client can find the ratings of Pentesterov based on their experience, as well as the results of the project. Thus, the best pentester will be the most noticeable, and the selection of participants in the closed competition is easier.
 With vulnerability reports, customers can chat with Pentesterami, asking them to help solve a problem.

BugLab The project system enables customers to take advantage of a large number of solutions that will help eliminate cyber threats. Using the plans (“professional” or “corporate”), participants have the right to invite already created teams. For example, the contest may be closed for all, except for the selected team regardless of the confidentiality of the information. In addition, any company can pick up services in an open competition to remove the vulnerabilities of the system.

Each application of this project provides a reward for detecting vulnerabilities in the data system and creating an infrastructure that will help to destroy them. BugLab Since the work is carried out in the form of a contest, during which the client can view the results of Pen testing, it functions in real time, and the cost is considered to be the most effective.
The project, when offers customers to hold contests, reduces their costs, Vzymaja only a fixed fee. In this case, the money can return to customers if vulnerabilities are not found. In the cancers arranged contests pentester work independently, using their own skills to find gaps in the security system. Therefore, they can find a large number of vulnerabilities very quickly.

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