Buddy – Decentralized Development Automation Platform

Buddy  – Automating software and application development is now of great value, but its implementation is complex because it requires combining the work of many tools, some of which are obsolete and subject to replacement. Each company solves this problem by directing its resources to ensure that the development is conducted in accordance with testing and operation, instead of focusing on the delivery of the product.

Buddy offers a versatile solution, a decentralized site designed to automate the development of more than seven thousand different engineers and companies.

The Buddy team was founded in 2007 and operates on a popular subversion hosting platform aimed at site creators. In 2015, they launched their platform to facilitate the process of automation. The product is evolving and is already collaborating with leading companies such as Github, Azure, Google, Microsoft, and many others. The creators formed the Foundation for the release of progressive applications and services. The platform is based on Blokchejne, than stands out among the analogs.

The project interacts with any IT organizations, maintaining a high level of performance. It provides a transparent platform for qualified software developers to build quality add-ons to automate development. Thanks to the autoscaling feature, users are observing the steps to unload the settings into a public network.

Some companies have to lose millions by supporting their own system of development automation, trying to accelerate it, while the work of hundreds of programmers and tests. As a result, the system becomes more complicated and requires constant maintenance. But setup and maintenance do not make up the trade value – it makes the delivery.Buddy  Organizations can synchronously solve a number of tasks in order to eliminate queues.
Buddy offers reliable solutions for companies to improve the performance of automation, which will have a positive impact on the entire business process:
 Auto Scaling-automatic scaling of DevOps (development, inspection and operation Systems).
 Expert know-how – a team of highly qualified specialists providing round-the-clock expert service.
 Automation GRID is an infrastructure for launching many automation tasks and Blokchejnov for software development.
 DevOps Marketplace is a developer application marketplace with ready-made offers for automating application development. Used to create new software and innovate.
 Sandbox Univers-templates for running tests and experiments on the development of new technologies blockchain, minimizing problems when installing and running the program.
Once the ICO is completed, the Buddy will launch open source, which helps the blockchain developers unite faster to develop. A simple mechanism for constructing the automation pipelines will be developed for them. The company will launch a ready-to-use DAPPOS development environment. The Distributed Blockchain service allows blockchain developers to focus on their needs and work on what they need.

Benefits of Buddy
 This unique open platform brings together all developers, experts and end users. Now access to expert knowledge of developers is open.
 The application provides a decent quality at a lower price. Big and permanent blockchain make Buddy cost effective.
 The simplicity of the application itself. Fewer tools and repetitive tasks are required, resulting in time savings and faster delivery.

Token name: BUD
Platform: Ethereum
Token Standard: ERC20
Number of issued tokens: 500 000 000 BUD
Can buy for ETH
Hardcap: 60 000 ETH

Buddy -One of the blockchain-projects that have everything you need to succeed in the market, given its two-way solution, which is a set of products and features. Launching and deploying a working prototype confirms the potential of the idea by attracting large partners and some customers.
The team seems strong enough to solve the problem. You can conclude that the Buddy is set to win. But even with experienced professionals, the startup is not without risk. Given that the chosen industry is very competitive, and there are dozens of rivals, there is a threat that the described business model will prove unsuccessful.

Website : https://token.buddy.works
Whitepaper: https://files.buddy.works/ico/BuddyWhitepaper.pdf
ANN : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3798597
Twitter : https://twitter.com/buddygit
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/gitbuddy
Github: https://github.com/buddy-works
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/buddyhq
Medium: https://medium.com/@BuddyWorks
Telegram: https://t.me/buddytoken

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