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Bronix is a new generation trading platform offering independent, efficient, transparent and stable investment and payment solutions. It combines block chain technology and advanced software such as Smart conventions, interplanetary File System and Bigchain DB to ensure financial stability in such volatile markets.
The integrated technology provides faster processing and scalability on the platform. Later, faster transactions result in a better pool of liquidity and cash flows within organizations and companies.
Bronix aims to provide a completely independent, independent, stable, efficient, fair and transparent investment solution. Bronix uses the architecture of blockchain and peer technology to provide much more desirable financial security and income stability in today’s turbulent market scenario.
Bronix provides independent alternatives for non-governmental organizations and independent cryptocurrency for investment platforms that provide maximum confidentiality of digital data, security, transparency and Convenient interface for referrals. Money can be translated in real time regardless of time and place in the world. Bronix has a clear vision and a clear strategy to achieve the same.
Bronix provides financial freedom and stability in today’s volatile economy, helping to remain invincible in the current scenario. Thanks to the support of distributed accounting technologies and the best technical team in the world, Bronix was created to create standards in the Bitcoins market.

How does Bronx cryptocurrency Investment Commodity Exchange work?
Usually there are no intermediaries, which are the source of serious problems-large commissions, government problems, fraudulent schemes.
Protection against inflation was also created to protect against fluctuations in the market. This will help to maintain the desired stability of income. Your site contains extensive information about articles and blogs, including “Information” about the events in the world of cryptography. The power of knowledge is absolutely accurate information.
Full version information on the release and purchase of tokens on the website Bronix. In addition, three key team members have organic and additional contact information.
Advantages of the Bronix platform
Effective translations
The platform is based on the fact that senders and recipients anywhere in the world can perform direct transactions without any third parties. This remediation simplifies the transaction process while minimizing transaction costs that users face.
The platform uses an excellent algorithm, blockchain technology and multilevel security systems. Its servers are also distributed worldwide and are protected by the CloudFlare service provider, which is known for its reliable and secure services. This makes its system flexible and not prone to cyber from hackers.
Experienced team and leaders
Bronix consist of active managers, managers and technical staff who have extensive skills accumulated over years of experience in the industry, ensuring proper management of their funds and investments. The team also ensures that the service it provides to its users is of high quality.
Using smart contract technology, users on the platform can make anonymous transactions using aliases or a transaction ID. This will ensure the confidentiality of all transactions across the platform.
Fraud protection

The decentralized nature of the platform will make all operations open to the public and monitoring. This means that the system will be able to identify transactions that do not seem legitimate. Therefore, the platform will protect users from any fraudulent transactions.
Support for online clients
Bronix Customer Support Team is always ready to help users with any problems 24/7.

The main event of the ICO will start on July 26, 2018 and the last 31 days until August 27, 2018. All Bronix tokens purchased during the event will be credited to the member purse after the ICO campaign is completed. All unsold tokens will be returned to the Bronix command.
Start Date: Thursday, 26 July 2018 00:00:00 GMT
End Date: Sun, 26 August 2018 23:59:59 GMT
The ICO key events offer 250 million Bronx tokens. Additional bonus tokens will also be awarded for future sales in millions. The minimum number of tokens to purchase.
BRNX Token name
Ether Platform
Standard ERC20
Amount 175 000 000
Price BRNX: 1 BRNX = 0.35 USD
Payment BTC, ETH, FIAT
Soft cover 5 000 000 USD
Hard cover 30 000 000 USD
Amount 93,750,000
Start Brnx 22/06/2018
End 22/07/2018
Bonus 32.5 million BRNX-30%
31 250 000 BRNX-25%
30 000 000 BRNX-20%

Total 81,250,000 BRNX
Start 26/07/2018
End 26/08/2018
Bonus. 28,750,000 BRNX-15%
27.5 mln. BRNX-10%
25 000 000 brnx-0%
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We can build the ability to achieve goals.

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